Monday, July 6, 2015

Which is preferable?

Aunty morning, I saw a write up which made me want to ask this question and hope you and your fans will help clear me at least from their experiences. ...
A husband who is very jovial and plays very well but gets angry easily and forgets easily too AND a husband who is average in jokes and play but doesn't get angry easily, forgives but hard to forget things. ...
Which is preferable?. ... 
I personally is slow to anger and forgives and forgets fast once the offender asks for forgiveness....
please am asking to avoid future regrets.

Dear sender,
So let me ask you, what if the person doesn't ask for forgiveness, does it mean you wouldn't still forgive and also forget the hurt?
Well when it comes to marriage of two unique partners, Understanding is what makes the difference in appreciating and loving the other partner.
Understanding helps you know the limitations and capacity of the other person.
It equips you with every information that would help you tolerate, ignore and forgive quickly.
Understanding would make you attach no conditions to forgiving the other partner or loving the person irrespective of their limitations and shortcomings.
Every individual or person deserves love no matter how terrible or otherwise the person may be but what most often is the challenge is the capacity, emotional stability, and psychological maturity in managing the weaknesses and shortcomings of the other partner.
So back to your question, marrying a partner who forgives easily would always be better than marrying a record keeper because the partner may use it against you at any time.
But understanding will help you know which you can cope with.
No two individuals have the same capacity to handle some temperament so understanding what you can adapt to is what makes the difference.

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  1. Dis ur question e g8t K leg oooo, well i prefer the first one. #Ella


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