Monday, July 6, 2015

My two big sisters are not normal.

Good day aunty Amara and everyone in the house
Please post ASAP and help with advice, I am 23 years, last born in my family, am almost done with my school.
Aunty Amara I have two big sisters who are not normal, not that they are mad or imbecile but they don't act normal like every other person,I weep for them and my mum that has been taken care of them anytime I find myself alone,I promised myself that I will work hard after my school so I can take them to psychiatrist hospital cos my dad is no more,I have no uncle, no aunty except my big brother who is training me in school and I also do small work during holidays, non of my friends knows about this except one,my boyfriend is telling me about marriage but I can't imagine myself getting married before my two big sisters, I told him we have to work and make enough money so we won't look at anybody for help when we marry.
I have not discussed my family with him and I know almost everything about them because the baby sister happens to be my good friend,how do I tell him about the kind of sisters I've got?
Will he still Love me if he finds out that my two sisters have been like this all life?I pity my sisters, I don't enjoy what younger sisters enjoy from elder sisters,I wish what am facing can just turn to be a dream but it has been like this, please advise me on what to do, the last time I was with them I observed that one's condition has deteriorated,do you think they will ever be fine?
what do think about my plan?we have been praying for years.... 
Sorry for long write up and grammatical errors.
Dear sender,
It is a difficult circumstances and challenges to man but it's not beyond the power and authority of the Almighty God.
I appreciate your maturity, wisdom and deep concern for your siblings and your mum who everyday is in tears and sorrows hoping for a miracle.
God is able and I believe that He will intervene in your family.
Thank God for sparing you from such sickness and giving you the privilege to study .
The first thing you must do is to appreciate your background and your family.
The greatest compliment any man who loves you can give to you isn't that your beautiful but that he knows who you are and is not ashamed of where you came from and what you are going through.
You don't need romance nor pity but genuine love and if for any reason, your boyfriend doesn't appreciate you for who you are and where you came from, then such a man cannot be of great help to you.
You owe him the truth of your identity. Whatever happens wouldn't change your identity nor will it affect your destiny.
It's only when he knows that he would support your efforts and sacrifices and appreciate your secret tears and worries.
Can I guarantee that he would stay? Not at all but if God has made him for you, you can be assured that he can't leave you.
I know you desire to see your sister whole and healthy but don't put your life on hold because of that. 
Your mum would be yearning to see you get married and take away this reproach from her.
So my suggestion is, do not put your life on hold.
Continue to work hard, pray for your sisters and support them in the ways you can.
With an understanding, supportive and loving partner, you can still achieve all that you desire to and still give your family nothing but the best.
Is there anything too hard for God? Of course there is nothing, though this may seem impossible, God is already taking charge of their health and I know they will be made whole in due time.
Give your best in your studies, don't relent in your commitment towards your mum and sisters.
It is well even when we don't see it nor feel it.
Our God prayers and support are with you and your family.

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  1. Soo sorry dear poster, there is nothing GOD cannot do. I suggest to take them to a strong church let them live there for some days/weeks/months. GOD will heal them and for your boyfriend sure you have to tell him about your family i don't think he will dump you because of the condition of your big sisters. #Ella


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