Sunday, July 5, 2015

Kegel for men

Guys, Kegel exercise is not for women alone.
Kegel improves your sexual performance. If you are one of those "Indomie" men, start your Kegel routine. It gives you longer and harder erection.
Kegel helps men with bladder control. You can go through the night without waking up to pee.
Some men may dribble after they finish urinating. Others may ‘leak’ when they laugh, sneeze or strain themselves. Strengthening the right muscles through kegels can help prevent this from happening. It's better safe than sorry. Start your Kegel now to avoid premature wearing of men's diaper.
Kegel improves the flow of blood thereby increasing sensitivity to the genital area; you know what you gain? Stronger orgasm
The increase in blood flow gives you a healthier prostate.
If your penis, upon erection, points to the ground, Kegel will help redirect it.
How do you do it?
Think about when you go pee – then someone knocks on the door and you stop the stream of pee – that muscle that you contract to stop the flow of urine is the right muscle. Try flexing it right now. You just did a kegel rep!
This is also the muscle you use to hold in a fart. If you haven’t found it yet, pretend you are holding in a poop – that’s the muscle. When you do these, try not to flex other muscles, like your stomach or thighs. It’s okay if you’re squeezing your butt hole (that’s part of the PC muscle), but don’t squeeze your butt cheeks.
A kegel exercise routine will consist of contracting this muscle several times, at different lengths, and resting between reps. Try holding the muscle for 1 second. Try 3 seconds. Try 8 seconds. When you are new to this it is difficult and normal if you can only hold for a second or two. You will get better with time!
A workout routine will involve a few sets of these. For example, squeeze for 5 seconds, rest for 5 seconds, and do that 10 times. Now wait a minute and repeat the whole thing again.
If you understand Kegel exercise, you can do it anytime and anywhere—in the privacy of your own home, while you drink with friends, and as you attend to clients. The seconds you put into it will go a long way to improve your urinary and sexual health.
NB: Please do not overdo your Kegel exercises. If you work the muscles too hard, they will become tired and unable to fulfill their necessary functions.

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  1. Guys shey una don hear, all those weh dey cook Indomie hear dis. All dey 5 seconds guys oya make una start dey kegel exercise. #Ella


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