Sunday, July 5, 2015

I love him as a lover not a friend.

Am 29 years am having problem in my relationship. 
I met a guy in school during my (ND part time) he told from onset how he feels about me but i refused cos i was in love then with my ex. 
I learnt to love this guy after a year i broke up with my ex. 
Our relationship is just three months but we are good friends. 
I told him the whole truth when he asked about my sexual life. I think i told him the way i felt about him very late cos after a month he stopped calling me as before but i never stopped loving him, calling and texting him. 
Three days ago when i called him he said i have changed a lot that am trying about us and that he is happy about that. 
So after some hours he sent me a text saying he had an important issue to discuss with me. 
When we met in school today he told me he had a question for me and that i should choose one from the three options he wil give me, do i love him, are we lovers and are we in a relationship and my answer was the three options he gave me. 
He now told me that he realised that we are not compatible from the time we met and it was better that we were friends so that i can concentrate fully with my studies and that he has discovered how much I now love him and how i could do anything for him now I was happy he had to define our relationship earlier. 
I accepted what he said cos i was ashamed of myself cos what he said earlier (i.e. in 2009-2013 that i will accept him when he finds another person) am restless now cos i love him not as a frnd but a lover. 
Please Aunty Amara advice me on what to do cos i don't want this to affect my coming exams

Dear sender,
You love him so much, no doubt but giving your heart to someone who doesn't love, appreciate, devote and respects your emotions is simply inviting disappointment, embarrassment,depression and emotional torture for yourself.
Granted you wished you and him were an item but how far can you go to please a man who is probably with another lady.
Can you really endure his mockery and his careless attitude towards you?
Now he knows that he can turn, twist and tease you at will and he knows you will always fall for him, how will you feel should he disappoint you?
The more time you spend with a man who doesn't love you, the more you hinder the right partner from meeting you.
He is and will always be the good man you couldn't have and you have the opportunity of meeting the better man who not only love you but will make out time to make you happy and fulfilled in life.
Do not limit God by thinking that he is the only man with the qualities you desire in a man.
Trust in God and allow him to perfect all that concerns you.
Give your heart to your studies and study your books as much as possible so that you would excel in your exams.

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  1. You see, he came for a serious relationship years back you refused and keep him pending and he predicted saying you will accept him when he has gotten another girl and it happened. Well move on with your life do not force your self into him just leave him alone GOD will grant you your heart desire. #Ella


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