Sunday, July 5, 2015

Why, why, why?

Why am I hated more than every other person? Lord, why is it that even when I try to show them love, they turn around and use it against me? Why do I get disappointed when I try to do what everyone else is doing? Why do they keep stepping on my toes and abusing my love? Why are my own hell and trials in life worse than those of my friends and colleagues? Why, why why?

Let me tell you why

It's not happening to them because God is not preparing them to be great vessels unto Him. It's not happening because God is not sending them to the nations of the world. If you want to go back and step on their own toes; if you decide to go back and fight them, they don't care, it's your journey that is being prolonged. it's your time to divine destiny that is being delayed because you must go through that thing and pass that exam to get to the next stage where you take another test. Don't waste your time trying to defend yourself before them because they can only mock you and your journey delayed. 

Remain focused because if God has called you, He will announce your ministry, by Himself, to the world. In announcing your ministry to the world, He can use someone to impart you and He can do it just like that. If right now, they have asked you to be where you don't want to be, in all humility, remain there and serve. God is just preparing you for your ministry. They can take the church away from you; they can take that organization away from you; they can do all they can to destroy you, but they are not destroying you, they are only being used by God to melt and remold you. It's all for your ministry. 

Even if your boss insults you from the pulpit or at the board meeting, don't be moved. If your junior treats you as a piece of thrash and you know you can destroy him, please hold on. Go through it, endure and make sure you pass the test for your next level in God. Don't disappoint God, He knows where He is taking you. Trust Him, follow Him. 

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