Monday, July 20, 2015

My sister in law never wanted to remarry!

Good evening Aunty Amara,please i want your candid advice and that of your fans,i'm writing on behalf of my wife's elder sister,her story is a bit smiliar with that lady that posted today concerning her widower lover.
Though my sister-in-law is a widow she has been dating a widower that has so many kids,she herself have 3 from her late hubby so she decided not to remarry again but she is still a young woman at her early thirties,the problem she is facing now is that she mistakenly took in for this man. Her late husband's people who doesn't care for the 3 kids of their late son insisted that the child will be their own,that they will not collect her bride prize back until she put to bed while her lover also insisted that none of his child stays outside, weather he or she is born in wedlock or out of wedlock that if such happens the baby will not live,that he is ready to take responsibility of that baby and the 3 other children which he has been doing all this while. Just that my sistet-in-law didn't want to remarry at the first place but due to this problem on ground we feel that the only best way to solve it is for her to get married to the man they have been dating for almost four years now,and he is the only man we know her with since the death of her husband(7years ago)at the age of 26.
Please Aunty what advice are we going to give this lady?

Dear sender, , 
I understand the complexity of the present challenge that she's exposed to. 
In all this drama is a lady who knows what she needs in the relationship and what she want from him. 
That she took in for the man doesn't mean that she has lost her conscience or does it mean that her in laws will force their decision down her throat. 
Should she get married to him all because she's pregnant for him, what makes you feel that she would be happy with him when the baby is born? 
Should she get married to him who then would take care of her children considering that the man has his own children to cater for. 
In as much as you wish this never happened to her but the simple truth is nobody cared about her struggles and challenges until now. 
And by the death of her husband, she's not bound to remain with her in laws should she decide otherwise. 
Let's not push her into making a hasty decisions that she may regret later in life. 
Pray for her and support her not to rush into getting married in a haste. 

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  1. Wow, soo touching she didn't enjoyed her marriage. While my advice to her is she should get married to the man because she allowed her self to get pregnant but before she do that she should return her bride prize then she will be officially single again. #Ella


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