Monday, July 20, 2015

How do I make him to commit to me?

Am so proud of you and happy to be one of your fans.
Please help me post this.
I am a beautiful young and hard working girl.
Am not into any relationship for a very long time though I will love to,but its difficult for me to get my choice of man.
Most guys that talk to me are not my taste,either I feel they are not as clean as I want or some other reasonreason.
There was a guy I meet recently now,he took me out like twice,told me almost everything about  him,came to my place of work and saw me once,as we talk,he called me Sweetheart ,Called me dear,always holds my hands whenever we go out.
I see myself begining to like him because of the way he treats me and I feel he is my kind of man,
Please what's the best way for me to make this guy love me more,and also open up to me because  he never told me anything yet.
Only showing me that he loves me and calls me petting  names.

Dear sender, 
I know that you are beginning to love him gradually and your next plan is to strategize how best to cage him. 
You see just like a River he flowed freely to you. 
All you need to do is open your world of fun, happiness and freedom to him. 
Do not rush him nor choke him in any way. 
Don't border asking so many questions nor push him into making commitment. 
Let's hear him out and know why he so much cherish you. 
When he has revealed his intent and purpose for you, then you may seek for further clarification and then decide whether to consider him or to let him be. 
However I feel that you may need to consider soiling your hands if you wish to get the best in relationship. 
Judging men from afar wouldn't give you the privilege to meet those who may have genuine intentions for you. 
Please humble yourself and make friends, husband's don't fly into a ladies heart, they come from building healthy purposeful and positive friendship with individuals who share your thoughts or experiences or ideologies of life. 
Everyone have some flaws and that was the essence of relationship, to help each other overcome their flaws and become flawless. 
You need to learn to be patient and accommodating, for the fact that they are not romantic doesn't make them dirty or below your class rather they may need the romantic part of you to make them more romantic than they where. 
Finally, everything is possible with God to them that believe. Please draw close to God and seek His face every day of your life. 
Meditate on his words and encourage your heart with with his promises. 
Be positive and be hopeful that God will favour you with a man who will love you sincerely and with all his heart. 

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