Friday, July 3, 2015

Saw her in my dreams, confused!

Good morning ma'am, please i need you and your fans help on this and notify me when posted. 
I broke up with my ex three months ago we dated for two years and three months. She is the girl i admired so much before going into a relationship with her i stayed in town while she was in the village same village to be precise. While we were still in a relationship she told me a PASTOR was the one that disvirgined her but via rape. 
I didn't have an issue with that then. Then she decided to come live in town but in her family's house, the first day she came i decided to go through her phone, login her Facebook and behold i saw her chat with a guy from same town and how they exchange love pleasantries i confronted her and she said its nothing that i should not bother myself over nothing, then i showed her their conversion she burst into tears begging me and saying that the guy lured her into it and they made LOVE twice i cried my eyes out that night the next day she left my house. 
I accompanied her to her family house, hugged her and told she should forget about the issue and that i have forgiven her then she said ok but deep down inside of me i was heartbroken then, we decided to move on living our past behind us. After a long while i decided to stroll in her Facebook account via my phone again behold i saw another chat with the said pastor reminding her how their love life were and that he is coming to their convention soon that he can't really wait to see her and make love to her again and my ex was also responding fine saying she can't wait too. 
Meanwhile while all these chats were going on, she was deleting it and i was writing it into a note i was in her account and she was also there chatting with the pastor. After everything i documented the write up and then called her that it is over between us that i read her conversion with a pastor and i have sent a copy to her aunt and threatened to send a copy to her dad and a copy to the pastor's church headquarters. 
Immediately she came and started begging and said I should forgive her that all she wanted to do was to blackmail the pastor, she cried her eyes out she even drew the attention of my neighbours and she was crying and asking them to beg me which they did and i forgave her but the love was no longer there. 
As time moves on different things happened like attempt of cheat and all that. Then i told her i don't want to see her ever in my life again and she said ok that i should live my life the way i want to. 
But recently she came to my househouse and met my new girlfriend and she left but in this past few days she have been occurring in my dreams on two different occasions am confused and don't know what to do please help. 
Sorry for the long write up.
Dear sender,
Sometimes dreams are mental reflection of ones actions, thought and reactions to a particular event.
That you suddenly started seeing her in your dreams doesn't necessarily mean that God is finally saying that she is the one nor does it mean that you are doing something terrible or wrong.
It also could be a signal to pay attention within you and be focused or mindful about your ex.
If a lady who is deceitful, and an emotional manipulator comes back to check if you have learnt something that is helpful to you ,God cannot be telling you to return back to her because He is not the father of liars.
It may be that she has repented and hope to have you back and God is saying something to that.
Whatever may be the case, do well to kneel down and pray and seek for God's revelation with respect to this.
Always have this at the back of your mind, if the dreams doesn't conform to God's word it is not from God.
Do not start pursuing pastors,priests and prophets /prophetess,its time you use your knees and pour your heart to heaven.
Focus on your relationship and give your heart to be partner and not to confusion.


  1. The way people are allowing this social media of a thing to be spoiling their relationship how can somebody engage many people and be toiling with their feelings

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  3. Hey at poster, can't you see that she is a cheat you have to run for your dear life, are you a jew man? Can't you use your tongue to count your teeth? Don't even think about considering her. #Ella


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