Thursday, July 2, 2015

Ritualists patronise my business.

Amara thank you once again for your advise so far. You are really big sister from another mother,i look forward to seeing you one day maybe on my wedding day, issue is really making me sick,am from Abagana in anambra,an engineer by profession,into building,problem is this, since i started my profession connections that comes only comes from rituralist big men,they use to pick interest in me,now as am talking to you,am really confused,if i quit one another will come,sometime i used to leave my money for them,if there disturbance is much on me,Amara am confused,i really know God has something for me,which the enemy wants to take away,please be praying for me not to fall to their temptations,thank you.I need your advice.

Dear sender,
The Bible said in the book of Psalms 24 vs 1 The earth is of the Lord and the fullness thereof.
The world and those that dwell there in.
Beloved our God is not a mushroom one that is afraid of any forces of darkness and/or its agencies.
Our God is not one that infuses fear, anxiety and worries in the heart of his own people.
You cannot continue to bury yourself in fear and expect to excel in your ministry or prophession.
You cannot be treating the Almighty God as an all careful one and believe that you will prosper in the kingdom of heaven?
That's not the God I worship. Please whenever anyone comes to patronise you, treat him or her as your customer brought to you by God. They shouldn't owe you because that is where you raise your house rent, feeding and miscellaneous expenses from.
And should they owe you, please report them to the appropriate quarters.
But never you be afraid of them, the light in you is stronger, more powerful and deadlier than their darkness.
They cannot harm you because the shield of the Almighty is upon your soul.
Everyday you wake up, pray and commit your days to God Almighty and then set out for your business.
They are only individuals who yearn for God's love and mercy.
You may even use the opportunity to minister the word of God to them but not be afraid of them.
Our God is too faithful to be worshipped as though He is powerless.
Please delete and deplete every atom of fear within you.
It is not the mark of the redeemed but that of the oppressed.

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