Thursday, July 2, 2015

Who do I follow?

Good morning ma! 
I am a guy of 30 years and reside in abroad am into online dating with two girls,
I met the first girl online in 2013 when I wasn't in the country we were flowing very well,I later lost her contact when I came back then she was in the university then,after my stay in Nigeria I traveled back without seeing her I recently added her on my Facebook through my cousin's friend list and we started chatting as usual and I requested for her number she gave me and told me that she has graduated and currently serving in Lagos I then told her that am in the country now that I came back November last year that I would be travelling back by first week of July she said she has missed me a lot that she wants to see me so I promised to see her in Lagos whenever I would be traveling back she accepted as i said.
The second girl I met her online not up to one month now and she likes me and demanded for us to see before I travel back so I decided to go and visit her in her school because she is too caring,understanding and trustworthy through her speech on calls,I called her that I will be coming to her school by weekend she accepted and was very happy so when I was on my way I called her that I have started coming she told me that she travelled to Enugu with her colleagues for an assignment that I should lodge in a hotel and wait for her till the next day I got angry and later considered it . I slept in a hotel and was chatting with her she apologized to me for the disappointment and promised to come back as early as possible,on the next day she came back and gave me address of her lodge and I went there and saw her she was okay to my liking but in my presence she answered so many male calls given them appointment and I was thinking in my mind that she must be a player i left her house angry because of her answering calls behavior and went back to my hotel room so she called and apologized and begged me not to go back that she will come and see me next day in my hotel room but I refused and told her that I will come myself instead because I wanted to find out her real self,I went to her house next day and was scrolling through her whatsapp message I saw the recent chat with her best and she told the girl she was going to Enugu with a barrister that has been toasting her to know the man's house and so many things and I asked her why did she lie to me that she wasn't in a relationship she told me that the barrister is just a friend and I tried leaving her angrily but she apologized and I forgive her and told her that she started with lies that I wouldn't trust her again.
Am confused ma! On whom to follow because the first one I met online in 2013 is very caring and talk maturely she promised to settle down with me after seeing me please I need your advice because am planning to settle down soon! Sorry for long write up! Thanks!

Dear sender,
Take two steps backwards and evaluate what you truly need in a lady you desire to settle with.
Marriage is too deep for you to hang out with a lady all because she spoke softly and was trustworthy with what she told you.
She told you the things you wanted to hear and suddenly you want to settle down with her?
Not what marriage represents brother, there is a life behind the sweet voice and there is a heart behind the voluptuous body.
If a lady begins a conversation with lies, please take some steps backwards because the rest of the story may also be lies irrespective of the volume of apologies you received for it.
And you don't need to hook up all the ladies all in your bid to know them and check them out.
Economically its not the best decision,I would rather suggest that you be friends with all and date only one lady so that you could keep track of what she has and not be confused about who is better or who isn't more beautiful.
I would suggest that you put aside settling down soon and focus more on getting your acts right.
When you meet the partner who truly compliments you,supports you,appreciates you and is willing to go all the way with you, then marriage would naturally be on the agenda.
I am hopeful that when you take your time and allow God to direct your path to avoid regrets and disappointment later in life.


  1. Look at how this girls are using your head to play basketball wow don't be a jew man my friend use your head again use your head stop giving it to them. Online is not the best place to get a wife moreover i don't think those girls are ready to settle down. You see babe weh go nack TDB wit barrister weh still dey lie put na em u wan consider Guy use your head ooooo before you make mistake. #Ella

  2. This brother doesn't know what he wants.Everything he doesdoes is "angrily". Nna, forget the girls, what do YOU want???

    By the way, what are you doing scrolling through the phone of a lady whom you have just met a day earlier?

  3. This brother doesn't know what he wants.Everything he doesdoes is "angrily". Nna, forget the girls, what do YOU want???

    By the way, what are you doing scrolling through the phone of a lady whom you have just met a day earlier?


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