Friday, July 3, 2015

She keeps many dates.

Good morning ma! may God continue to bless you! please post. We are both 25 years of age and in our final year in the same school and department. 
We have been friends since our year one, and i once told her that i would like to marry her but it is not feasible now because i do not have anything presently. 
I have loved her for five years from this year. But, the problem is that she keeps so many dates at the same time. 
I sincerely do not want to paint her ugly, but that lifestyle is really hurting me. I don't bother if she accepts to wait for me or move on, but i am beginning to get worried with such lifestyle in the name of I don't keep my egg in one basket. 
She is the only one girl that i love and she knows that. I really want to end this relationship, but my concern is that i will continue to see her at least till the end of this semester which is the final, my emotions may let me down to start pleading to a lady to accept me when she doesn't respect my feelings. Note:no hug, kiss or sex.
Dear sender,
She cannot be in a relationship with you and still be double dating. It is both ungodly and emotionally depressing.
Please take your time to share with her how you feel about her attitude of double dating. It's either she is for you or against you and she cannot be with you and still be stuffing other eggs in another basket.
Love isn't self seeking and self satisfying, if she is not willing to take the risk for her happiness and peace of mind, if she has fears doubts and worries about how much you love her and how much you are willing to give to make her happy, then it is only fair she let you be so that you could seek God's face for your missing rib.
Whatever you decide to do after discussing with her, please think it through and be convinced before taking the necessary step.
Do not break up with her if you are convinced that she is the one for you and do not go back to her if you are convinced that she isn't committed and devoted to the relationship.
In all seek God's face on this, sometimes it feels as though after graduation, life comes to an end but most often that's when life truly begins and you would have a lot to experience and explore.
So do not be in a haste to make conclusions if you could be patient with her or there are ways you could agree with your partner and build your relationship and your future.
All the best in your studies.


  1. According to you, no hug, kiss or friend she's getting all these from other guys and she's definitely not the "no sex before marriage" kinda girl, so if you're not ready to offer that and also take care of her financially needs, please erase every feelings you have for her, and I wonder if you have been advising her for the past five years that you've known her, cos if she could not change since then, I doubt if she will change now, so it's high time you know that she doesn't deserve you, if you're not ready to live her life style, just let her be and move on with your life. #enoughsaid

  2. 1. Nwoke m, a Relationship begins AFTER A MARRIAGE PROPOSAL HAS BEEN ACCEPTED. Until then,you are just friends - you don't owe her any commitment,and has no right to demand it from her and vice versa.
    2. Until you are ready for Marriage,you have no business being in a relationship. Focus on laying a strong foundation for your life and future,building strong life-long friendships,and becoming the kind of man women everywhere would be proud of. Leave Romance alone for now. It is a distraction.
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  3. 4. Love is not enough to make this thing work. It's okay to love a scorpion; but,it is not okay to also marry a scorpion. Your love for the scorpion,or the scorpion's love for you,will not stop it from stinging you,and stinging you to death. Some people's Values,character and habits cannot sustain marital commitment. For those kind of people,you just love them. You don't marry them!


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