Thursday, July 30, 2015

She was diagnosed with hepatitis B

I must really appreciate the way you have been handling relationships issues sent to you. More grease to your elbow. Thank you very much. 
I am a 33 year old man. my challenge is that the lady i want to marry was diagnosed a hepatitis B patient in march this year. 
The doctor then said that she will undergo a 3-month vaccination and that after the vaccination, she will be okay. 
She completed the vaccination last month. She went back to the same hospital yersterday to have a test check on the virus, lo and behold she still tested positive to the virus. 
I am a bit worried over our marriage plans. Please I want you and your fans to advise me on this challenge. 
Please note that she had a boyfriend and had two abortions before she repented while i have never had any girl friend in my life. Please let me know when you post this please.

Dear sender,
From my research and the view of a medical professional I discussed with, hepatitis B can be contracted from sharing body fluid or through sexual intercourse.
It doesn't have a cure yet but the vaccination and medication prevents the replication of the virus (that is, the virus doesn't multiply) and minimise liver damage.
You would need to discuss with your doctor to know the options that is available to you.
But do encourage her not to give up on her medications and support her as much as you can.
Hepatitis patients still lead a normal life with the support and assistance of the Doctors.
Whether you decide to get married to her or not depends on your convictions and decisions with respect to your capacity and your need for a partner.
I know that it's a difficult moment and I pray for grace to help you overcome this phase of your journey.

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  1. Let her try Libracin Natural medicine and Hepatitis B will be the thing of the past....


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