Thursday, July 30, 2015

Should I quit or was I wrong?

Aunty Amara I need your help.
Please I have a problem,I have a girl friend whom I love so much,last week Saturday was her convocation in Benin republic and I went on her invitation. 
As I reached there I called her that I was there but another girl answered the call telling me that she went to make her hair that she forgot her phone,I waited till 9pm that day I couldn't reach her till a relation came and secured a hotel room for me and my girl never called. 
The following day which was the convocation day proper she called around 11am and told me I should please come to the school that she was waiting for me and I went ,she took pictures with me and introduced me to the Mother. 
I offered to take her out with her friends that same evening. That evening I told her to make her choice on where she wanted me to host her she did and later made it with four of her friends as we were there she answered a call from a guy and he was asking her where she was and who she was with,she mentioned her friend's names and never did mine and the guy demanded she gives the phone to one of the girls,she did and the girl told the guy the same story. 
Later I left and she told me she would come the following day to know where I was staying,that day she never showed up till 7pm she called that she was taking her shower and wanted to know where I was.
I told her that my relation took me to the beach with his friends she got angry immediately that why didn't I call her. She never showed up again,I texts her that I wanted to see her cos I would be leaving the next day,she never replied. The following day I left, text her again and again till I got home and she never replied. 
Please was I wrong or she or should I leave her and move on. Thanks.

Dear sender, 
If all you said be all that happened while you were there with her, then I feel that you deserve better than the kind of repugnant and horrible treatment you got from the lady that you invested your time and resources to visit.
It is both disrespectful and insensitive for her to keep you in the dark. What if there was no relative?
Why do I feel like this lady is simply playing with your emotions and has no respect for you and all you represent?
I may not know her reasons for treating you with no appreciation and courtesy.
I feel that you should retrace your footsteps and ask yourself some real questions.
Is she really what you need in a wife or lady?
Does she really appreciate you?
Does she really have any respect for you?
Does she support you in anyway in life?
Sincerely I feel that you deserve better than what you got from her.
All that glitters really aren't gold, some are sand magnified with a lens.
All the best.


  1. I feel that girl is double-dating cos that could be the reason she acted that way.She didn't even consider the risk you took all the way to Benin republic. It's obvious she prefers the other guy and have no respect or feeling whatsoever for the sacrifice you made.,pls guy let her be,if she is yours,i bet she will realise her mistakes and seek for way to reconnect with you,but for now try and fix the emotional hurt,you won't die without her though it takes time to heal. Someone who is worth your love will show forth,so keep busy,mingle with friends and with time u will overcome and find true love.

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