Saturday, July 4, 2015

Should I go on with him?

‎Gud day ma ve always seen and read ppl's problem and how u ve help them in diff ways pls ma hide my id and notify me when u post  dis. am a girl of 26 and a graduate ve kn my bf over 8years now thou we didn't date all thru d 8years cos we broke up when I entered sch and he also got into another university so we parted. Now we dating and it's very serious cos we even planning our future together, but my problem is dat he is a liar and a cheat, ve caught him severally cheating but I forgive him cos I love him, he has a very strong heart and doesn't get emotional even if I cry from now till tomorrow, he chats on every social media with diff girls sexually and tell me as far as he doesn't sleep wit dem he isn't cheating on me. sorry for d long write up but am really tired and confuse cos I love him so much pls wot shd I do shd I go on with my life or still keep praying as ve always done for him to change?

Dear Sender,
It's obvious you are with a man who has no atom of respect for you. And to think you are considering marriage with someone you don't even trust. My dear, he is a cheat and a liar. Strong hearted that your tears don't move him. According to him, he doesn't cheat but he engages them on social media; like seriously? Call it what it is my dear, social media infidelity is 100% infidelity. And what do you think his numerous girls take you as? It won't get better in marriage, it can only get worse. Please think again. Don't let your desire to be married get you blinded.


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