Saturday, July 4, 2015

What went wrong?

Credits:Zorah Olivia
Good morning ma,am a girl of 25 years still in the university, I got married to a man of 28 years. 
We have been married for six months now. 
My husband just changed all of a sudden. He has the habit of insulting me whenever his family members are around especially his mom and the younger brother mostly when food is served,he can say who cooked this nonsense that the food is not good knowing fully well I am the one who prepared it. 
He started saying things like all property that he ever got will go to his younger brother that a man who put his wife as next of kin is stupid. 
That his family is his first priority and this is the man i sacrificed half of my life for.
He says a lot of hurtful things to me in the name of a joke. He compared me with other girls,a female customer can walk in and sit on his lap in my presence and he will not find anything wrong with it and he wants me to take it as one of his silly jokes. 
He can save a female friend's number in his friend as my love. 
This man is my first love and who got me disvirgined. This is really depressing to me. 
please i want the house to advise me and tell me what went wrong cos i am heartbroken please ma notify me when it is posted.

Dear sender,
I feel that his family may not have accepted you as much as you thought which make him to always say the hurtful things he say whenever his mum and brother are in your house.
I feel this is a case of getting married to a man who is emotionally and spiritually not mature for marriage.
And for him to be carrying ladies on his laps, saving their numbers and mocking you as he wishes makes me worry what exactly attracted you to him.
This is time you need to sit down and put your acts together.
Study him and try to understand his personality.
It's a bit late for you to go back though the pains may be unbearable for you, you would need to endure and patiently pray for him to be a better husband.
He didn't change, his true colors is only manifesting and he may have some bad influence who makes him say/do the things that are clearly insensitive to you.
Find out when it's best time to communicate with him and pour your heart to him.
Amend in areas where you may not be giving your best to.
Ensure that your home is organized and that your body is always up for the next task.
Explore his world and seal his lips with great pleasure in your sacred chambers.
Give him some time to understand his responsibilities and attitude to you and your home.
It's a binding process and sometimes it may not be as smooth and lovely as the days of courtship and dating.
I am hopeful that your marriage shall succeed when you work with him to build a home you desired and prayed for.
All the best.


  1. You said, "
    This man is my first love and who got me disvirgined" and I say, that doesn't make a successful marriage. Your marriage has a foundational problem. It is either he deceived you to marry him or you accepted him for your personal reason. If you can sort that out, you will know the right course of action to salvage the situation.

  2. It is your cross carry it. i always say this,ladies should stop jumping into marriage without knowing the man much better. Do not get married to a man because of money/handsomeness/tall/ or anything material if you do you will regret it later. Poster he is your husband so you have to manage him. #Ella


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