Monday, July 27, 2015

Should we ignore finance and try pregnancy?

Good day ma, please i need your advice as well as your encouragement. 
I lost my eight month and two weeks pregnancy to pre-eclampsia(a condition in which a pregnant woman has high bloodpressurewhich can become serious if it is not treated) two  months ago. 
I and my hubby decided to try pregnancy in October because we were not financially buoyant now. How do i overcome the fear that the same time might happen in the next pregnancy? 
Should we ignore finance and start trying pregnancy because we are told that delay is dangerous. 
Thanks in anticipation.

Dear sender,
I am sincerely sorry for what you experienced. I know how frustrating, painful and exhausted that must have made you feel but because God is sovereign over all, because He lives, because He's not dead, you shall carry your own children in due time.
Please do not be discouraged by what you experienced ,it doesn't mean that your next pregnancy would end up the same way.
Be strong in your heart, believe God's word and please do not worry when you can worship Him.
At this point in your life, many may suggest one thing or another to you however, this is the best time for you and your husband to agree on what is feasible for you at the moment.
It's also best for you to consult with your gynaecologist so that he/she would examine your body and advice you on what's best for you to do.
One of the things you must not fail to do is always know your blood pressure and eat food that will bring it to the normal range.
As to when you feel it's best for you to try again, it's the decision you and your husband has to make.
I pray that God will strengthen your heart and grant the desires of your heart.
All the best dear.

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