Monday, July 27, 2015

Should I apologize or wait?

Aunty good day, please I need help. 
During my university I was dating two guys but loved one more, I knew the one I loved less truly loved me and hoped for our better tomorrow, I took his love for granted in so many ways. 
When I found out that the guy I loved more never loved me, hey it was too late cos I lost my true love. Maybe cos I was too fast to predict the future. 
Until three weeks ago we met for a very long time I felt loved again we held hands and smiled with each other it was beautiful in fact heaven on earth, love indeed was a good thing. 
I realised how much I missed him until I nagged him for not picking my calls, till now he has refused to talk to me, I complained to his friend and my sister so they both begged on my behalf. 
Hmmm surprisingly he told my sister from day one how bad I have treated him in the past and that I should give him time to come around, now my question is should I let him find me or still call to apologise?

Dear sender,
When you abuse what is good for you, do not expect that you may easily get it when you finally feel that you may have need of it.
This man offered his world to you you took him for granted, predicted his future and decided to make him feel inferior by dating the one that you loved more.
The painful truth is, that same man you ignored is no longer the same today.
So pressurising him to come back to you wouldn't work in your favour.
All you may do is be his friend and give him some time and space too.
Allow him to decide whether to come back to you or date another.
You may apologise if you feel that it's needful but please don't rush him or choke him with your constant calls and complaint.
Be hopeful and optimistic that he would come back to you but be willing to respect his decision should he feel otherwise.
I hope that you have learnt a lesson or two from this never to take the man who loves you for granted and to always rely on God's will and not on your predictions.
All the best.

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  1. Good one. Diva Amara, in this our ministry, it is important to emphasize to ladies the need to learn how to cherish those who genuinely love them. My observation is that many ladies chase shadows of cuteness, handsomeness, looks all manner of mirage but treat badly men who worship them. A man who value you should rather be appreciated than those we kill ourselves over. When a lady loves a man more its a very delicate issue because we do not know how to hide our feelings and they will always take us for a ride that is why we have many heart breaks. Follow people who regard you and leave out beauty because it is vain.


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