Monday, July 27, 2015

Thought of getting pregnant with or without marriage.

God bless you Sis for the wonder work you are doing here. Each time I read your reply and that of your fans I can't but wonder if you are of this generation. Thumb up for you. 
Am a lady in her late 30s, single.
I hardly have admirers these days and the few that comes have no other story to tell other than been broke and wanting to collect money from me. 
I tried helping but was taken for granted so I decided to stop. 
Now am not into any relationship. Sis am seriously thinking of getting pregnant for any responsible guy that comes my way with or without been married because time is no longer on my side. 
This is because am also physically challenged and I see that as the reason men don't want me. 
Am tired of carrying this pain.Help

Dear sender,
As long as you were created by God, you are a masterpiece of God's creation.
If nothing is wrong with your vital organs of life, if you have good health, then you have no disability.
I know you wouldn't believe me but I wouldn't lie to you when God doesn't see you as being disable.
Look up, I understood you sincerely but I'm a bit confused about your plans, will your getting pregnant for a man guarantee marriage with him?
Will make an irresponsible man responsible for your child and your health?
Not that I can remember, so my point is, why gamble into that when you will still be the ones to foot the bill?
That time isn't on your side doesn't mean that you should get a burden that may weigh you down all because you desire to get married.
What is impossible with God isn't in existence, think about that.
Please be your best and live your best. Be happy for who you are and for having the privilege to give those in need.
Celebrate life and be grateful for your experience in life.
Do not be discouraged or disappointed by your experiences of yesterday.
Be hopeful and be optimistic, let your smile be contagious and don't live a day in regrets, that's not for a princess like you.
It's well with you and you are God's treasure.

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