Monday, July 27, 2015

Can he be stolen?

"If some other woman ever steals your man, there's no better revenge than letting her have him, because real men can't be stolen."

This is a very popular quote among women, old and young. I see many buy completely into this very mindset. I know that some men can be stolen by anything. I know that some of them lack what it takes to be a real man. I know that some men should be girls, not even women. I know that many don't have the willpower when it's about a woman standing in front of them. I know that there are men who think of nothing else but sex and so, no amount of sexual expertise can keep them. These men are sexual perverts and it can only take God to redeem them. If you are married to one of such men, I can only say 'sorry' to you. 

But I also know that many real men have been and can be stolen by a real woman or even one that shouldn't be called a woman. Many people have lost precious gems as a result of their own carelessness. Now, let me show you some of those things that can make a real and loving man to be stolen

It is now in vogue for women to keep shouting 'I love him' more than men who are enjoined by the scriptures to love. It is sad that some men remain blind to these issues until they finally get married to her. There is no better way to love a man than to remain submissive to him. You cannot disrespect a man you love. If you are married to a real man, don't disrespect him. If you are married to a sissy, it's your cross; carry it, find a way of escape, possibly on your knees.

When you are truly in love with a man, you will know how and when to talk to him. You will not nag because nagging has never worked anything good in a relationship. I know there are times they get on our nerves and all you can think of is shouting on top of your voice because you believe that will get his attention. Yes, that may get his attention, but it can only be temporary. We can't always avoid yelling at them, but please, don't make it a habit.

If you honour your husband, you will not discuss him with those your radical feminist friends and family. It's annoying to see women sit and discuss their man with their female friends. These ladies are not experienced, they are not godly, and they are not counselors; what do you hope to gain from them for the good of your marriage? Some of the ladies you call friends are not friends but enemies in disguise. They sometimes carry everything to him in their bid to get you out of the way. Discussing your man (your woman) with your family will make them lose respect for him or her. You may forgive and forget when everything is over but your family will not forget. Even with your religious leader, there must be a limit to what you discuss in the name of counseling. Remember, he is a man like your husband and no man (no woman) enjoys being made an object of discussion. 

Another form of respect which we are losing fast in the name of civilization is this issue of women refusing to drop their father's name when they get married. Some even put it on their face by telling them that nothing and nobody can force them to change their name. Another radical feminist recently wrote on Facebook advising women not to drop their father's name for that of a stranger (their husband) who will walk away any moment he likes. Reading that post, I saw an angry and frustrated woman looking for people to recruit into her club. If you go into marriage with the mindset that it's going to end someday, your marriage is over even before its contracted. 

 Ladies, I don't know about you, I believe I become one with a man the very moment I get married to him and I must take up his name, even my daughters must be advised to do so. I can understand when some public figures and women who made their name before marriage decide to hyphenate, but when I see those who have nothing to lose refuse to take up a man's name, I conclude it's about competition, trying to belong in a lost world, and some sort of radical feminism.

 Recently, a woman was bragging on Facebook and telling the whole world that her husband doesn't care about the name she bears. To our utmost bewilderment, the husband appeared and wrote that he is not happy about that but simply keeping quiet to avoid being seen as bossy. This is the truth, he wants to be respected.

Men love very strong women who become weak in their arms. He wants you to be the boss out there; he wants you to conquer your world; he wants you to be on top of situations at work; he wants his wife to be described as a no-nonsense woman by her partners in business. But he wants her to be able to drop all that as she crosses the door into her home. 

I have heard women boast about how they use sex to get the money they want from their husband. Do you think it is right for you to starve him of sex until he buys the vehicle you want or gives you the money you want for your business? You want to get paid for sex? By your own husband? You are not different from that prostitute on red light district. This is not God's will for your marriage. There are better ways to get a man to do what you want him to do. 

How do you show him you care? Are you one of those women who, instead of cooking for their husband, buy food on their way home for him? He wants to eat your own food and not the food from that woman out there. Yes, he got a cook because he can afford to hire one but that doesn't mean his wife shouldn't ask questions about his meal and serve his meal herself once in a while. 

How do you plan his meals? Are you interested in his health? Do you bother to know what he wants to eat before you cook or you are one of those women who give him beans when he wants yam? A good number of times, they act like these things are not their problem but I can authoritatively tell you that they are. Westernization is good but we shouldn't throw away our beautiful culture all in the name of westernization. 

Every man loves to be made a man and he will always get attracted and closer to that woman who makes him a man. Men love to conquer, they don't want to be conquered.

When you truly love and care for your husband, you will seek his good above your father's house. It is a very sad trend in today's world. I know that women are only reacting to their environment. A good number of women have been pushed to the wall and now they believe that they must protect themselves from men. I see women labour so hard with their husband to make it in life only for the same man to abandon them when finally he makes it. 

I know so many have been maltreated over and over; I am one of them. But I also know that there are still very good men who are ready to make their woman happy. No matter what we go through in life, I am a firm believer that vengeance belongs to God and He will repay. Many feel I am very stupid for defending men the way I do after everything I went through. I am not stupid because man's wisdom is foolishness before God. Do it God's way.

Never stop praying for your husband's progress and keep believing that he is not one of those wicked men. Be a real woman, respect and care for him the way you should. Don't forget the place of prayer in your home. Believe that your husband is a real man who cannot be stolen because he has a real woman by his side. Like the popular saying goes, do your best and leave the rest for God. But don't shout against men when you are the one bringing pain upon yourself all in the name of educated and westernized woman. 

Appreciate the little gifts he buys for you and pray for the grace upon him so he can buy bigger ones. Real women pray for their husbands; pray for your spouse. Only the fear of God can keep a man for you in this wicked and perverse generation where everything abnormal is accepted as normal. Keep your home hidden under the shadow of God's everlasting arms.

Like the Bible says in Psalm 1, blessed is that man (woman) who does not walk in the counsel of the ungodly. Keep away from ungodly friends who think of nothing else but partying, gossip, fashion, drinking, and clubbing; you will never have the home you should have; you will never raise the godly seeds you should raise; you will never be the godly woman you should be, as long as you keep them close to you. There are women who inspire you to be godly, a homemaker, a goo cook, and a feminine woman; keep them as friends. 

Be the woman, let him be the man! 


  1. Am blessed to be privileged to read this epistle. God help me .Aunty Amara God bless you loads

  2. Ummmmh.... This is delicious. Aunty Amara,thank you so much!

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  3. Nice write up anti amara,God wil continue to increase ur knowledge ,infact it very intresting.


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