Thursday, July 16, 2015

What's Wrong with Pastors' Children?

Often times, we speak against pastors children. The society expects them to be extraordinary humans. We expect them to be saints on earth even when we know there is no saint alive.
I believe we should be praying for these children. What are my reasons?
1. The demons their parents (those with genuine ministries) fight against will always struggle to have their way in the lives of the children. If your parents' ministry is genuine, get ready for tougher battles with the devil. One thing is sure though; you are more than a conqueror
2. A good number of our pastors are far from being what they preach. I get messages from pastors wives whose husbands still batter regularly. Many don't even take care of their wives and children. They kiss her and call her pet names on the altar, it's just for the public; the woman goes through hell at home and the only witness are the children.
I know a bishop at Enugu whose children don't enter church building. They are driven to church, they stay in church during worship only to walk away the very moment their father stands to preach. We don't know what they see at home. Another pastor in Lagos whose wife died some years back was not in talking terms with her, didn't eat her food for years before her death. In church, they acted for the congregation, but their children saw an entirely different thing at home. These children see their father preach on love,  but they have an Idi El Amin at home; their home is more of a military training ground. They see what daddy does with that deaconess; they hear him talk to his girlfriends even when they act like they don't know.
Another one I know is having the same problem with his children,  they don't even believe in Christ. When their dad calls for morning devotion, they make all kinds of negative comments. One of the children personally told me how he caught daddy with his girlfriend and daddy gave him 50k to cover him up. Do you think that boy will be serious with Christ? Only the saving grace of God will change him.
3. Because of the foolishness and eye service of their blind followers; because it's more of a one man's business; because there is no accountability; because they can do whatever they like with church funds, they end up spoiling their children. Some send them to schools abroad and wire money like there's no tomorrow. The children live large without knowing that life is tough. Some of them go into drugs and all sorts. These "men and women of God" believe that money will make up for their failure.
4. The society expects too much from these children. We expect them to be angels on earth. We don't think they should be allowed to go through their teenage stage of life and make their mistakes. We take their childhood away from them. We begin to see them as little gods who should have no fault. But we are wrong, dead wrong. They are human beings like us. They should be free to live and make mistakes like each one of us.
These children need our love and prayers. They often see the opposite of what they are taught. Only God can help them.


  1. Am blessed by this article. Thank you

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