Friday, August 14, 2015

Can't Think Straight Anymore.

I have a serious issue now. I wrote you last year December that I have a friend that is based in Australia that I have known for seven years and later left me for my friend,came back after two years begging for me to accept him, and there was another guy here in Nigeria begging that was dying for me. 
People commented that day and told me to give the Nigerian guy a chance....
I took the advice and cut off the Australian guy and gave the Nigerian guy a chance even when I knew I didn't love him... 
We started going out,introduced me to his sisters. 
And  I tried my best to stay faithful to him cos he came to me with all seriousness. 
I never knew the relationship was built on lies nd lies... Even when I caught him red handed he will deny it and tell me lies ,I will forgive just to let peace reign. 
Even to the extent of one of his girlfriends calling me and giving me serious warnings. 
I told him he lied and he  said they were nothing and apologised ,i still forgave cos I have come to love him dearly. During salah break I went to his place to see him, to my greatest shock what I saw made me cry..
I left without saying a word to him. He called me l did not pick, sent sms I did not reply.
He stopped calling, after one week he started calling again,  I did not pick,his friend then called me and apologised on his behalf. 
I started picking his calls, he then told me that his sorry,that he wanted us to stay on our own that he was in love with someone else that we should be friends. 
I cried and told him ok cos I was speechless...
But the truth now is that I have fallen in love with this guy, my heart is heavy,my head is full,cant think straight anymore. ..
Now I believe there is no TRUE LOVE.
Please I need advice. 

Dear sender, 
Counsellors do not make decisions for individuals. They only suggest and paint a picture of what might be a possibility or a probability depending on the information or revelation available to the counsellor. 
Please you do not need to blame anyone for the decision you took by yourself, that doesn't in any way portray you as a responsible individual nor does it make you any better in life. 
That you lost what doesn't belong to you doesn't mean that you do not have a possession and a treasure from God. 
Relationship is a journey, we only pray and hope that it takes us to a glorious destination but it may not end up that way not because of any faults of ours but simply because God simply didn't want such a person whether good or otherwise to be part of your destiny. 
Your present partner may be there to encourage you, appreciate you and help you find happiness and fulfilment in life but it doesn't necessarily mean that such a partner will end up with you. 
For him to build his relationship on lies, deception, emotional manipulation and infidelity is only a revelation to what may likely happen should you have gotten married to him. 
Please open your eyes, wipe your tears and embrace the beauty of believing God's best for your life. 
Forget about him and his promises, control your feelings and remember that God is not far away from your heart. 
He knows your heart desires and He's using all your experiences, exposures and challenges in life to perfect all that concerns you and your destiny. 
Please hold unto God who's able and faithful to fulfil his promises for your life. 
You have a husband, one that will appreciate you much more than you can ever imagine. 
Do not dwell so much in the past that you forget that God is at work to perfect your joy in Him. 
Cheer up.. The gloomy sky isn't the last forecast for your life. 

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