Monday, August 17, 2015

Did I Make the Right Decision?

I greet you all in the house.. 
My husband bought a car in his name and dropped it with me to run my business till he came back and we wedded.. 
So he travelled after our wedding and told his younger brother to bring the car back for me were I base since I went to Lagos with him for his depature and after that I went back to where I base... 
This is the fourth month after the wedding.. 
The car has not been returned and when I called his brother he would tell me stories. . 
So I consulted my husband he said that they told him that something spoilt in the car and they dont have money to fix it so they parked it.. 
I now told my hubby that I will go down to his place,  fix the car and bring it back he said it's ok that he will tell his mum and brother. . 
So after all said and done I travelled to his place, fixed the car with a lot of money anyway. . Now his brother has refused to hand over the car key to me.. 
My hubby sent their chats to me and he was busy insulting my husband.. calling him names. . 
Telling him to come down to Nigeria and collect the key from him and give it to his wife.. that I should better forget about the car and bring the original particulars of the car. 
That am beginning to tear the family apart bcos am fighting for my right. 
And my husband begged me not to release the spare key or the original documents of the car to anybody.. 
Last night after their quarrel I sneaked and went down with my bags put them in the car and drove off.. cos I was with the spare key and he wasn't aware I have it. 
I have told my family members about this too.. but his mum was calling, she kept telling me all sorts of thing which I don't answer back.. 
I just said ''I AM SORRY MA'' for my behaviour... 
Please I want to know if I took the right step.. or I should take the car back which is not in my to do list. 

Marriage is a journey with your husband, in the company of his family, friends and relatives and with the support of your family, friends and relatives. 
All have a significant role to play in how prosperous and fulfilling your marriage turns out to be and in your bid to protect your home, you may need to be cautious and discerning so as not to destroy the relationship that has been before you came into their home. 
Obviously the car belonged to you and by every right, there was no reason justifiable for your brother in law to prevent you from taking the car just as your husband directed but when it became a family issues, you could have washed your hands off the car not because you were afraid to demand for your right but because any decision you took would portray you as a rebellious wife and sister in law to their home. 
It would have been best if your husband sent someone else to drive the car to your house or better still you could have arranged with a driver with the approval of your husband to drive the car to your house. 
That way, you avoid direct confrontation with your in laws and also respect them without poking them into their eyes. 
Always remember that when there's a challenge in your home, there's every tendency for your husband to fall back to his family for counsel and at that point you may have little or no support from them. 
This was why you should have worked behind the scene while encouraging your husband to take the figure head in making the decision about the car. 
This also have revealed to you the kind of relatives you have as your in law and no matter what you do for them, they will always find reasons to condemn and abuse your personality while they exonerate their son. 
Be careful and thread with great wisdom,do not exchange words with anyone nor react to anything else. 
There's no need returning the car as it legitimately belonged to you, all you need to do is to always learn how best to manage your relatives so as not to expose your home to the ridicule of your in laws. 
Please do not forget to always pray for your marriage and your husband, encourage your husband to also document everything that belongs to him and you to guard against tomorrow. 
While you may have wished this never happened, you can always make amends and express your love and respect for your in-laws without bearing grudge for anyone irrespective of what they did or said. 
What's your take on this? 
I would love to hear from you if you don't mind. 
Thank you. 


  1. hahaha! Aunty Poster u very sharp ooo. The did hv been done just try and make peace with your inlaws just like aunt Amara adviced all the best

  2. Aunties plan is even better! Notes for future marriage reference 😊

    Poster, you must be prayerful too. You've already taken by force so pray for protection for you and your hubby.

  3. Hmmm this are the type of in laws that like reaping where they didn't sow..Godforbid...u have seen their rel self now so go closer to God cos if anything happens to ur hubby bit Godforbid. U know what u will go be prayerful and also careful please


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