Saturday, August 8, 2015

He Likes Many Ladies.

Good day Ma, God bless you and your family. Am in a relationship with a guy am 26 and he is 28 and we hope to get married soon. 
He is my best friend and we are so open to each other , so many girls like him and always pushing their way and funny enough he accomodates all. 
Few months into the relationship, I never really cared that much but after a year the girls are becoming much and he sees it as normal. 
Right now there are these three girls that are so close to him and they call him everyday morning and night but I told him am not comfortable with their closeness he said he just liked them but he loves me and he even said he can date anyone one of them if he is not in a relationship but now he is,  he doesn't want to lose me. 
Am having issues with him being close to girls that want him and he can date that close. 
I feel he is emotionally cheating .I love him so much and he told me all these ,how do I tell him I can't stand all that without hurting him. thank you ma. 
Am scared i feel like giving up. I have been praying for him.
He likes many ladies.

Dear sender, 
I understand how you feel about his nice attitude towards ladies. 
While it may look harmless, it is not really so good for a man to be soo free not to curtail his freedom with ladies and in the process of being nice end up hurting his partner. 
You need to open up to him. 
There's nothing wrong with keeping friends but there's absolutely something wrong with letting his friendship choke his relationship by putting you in a state of competition with them. 
Let him know how you feel about that and why you are not comfortable with that. 
Don't tell him what to do but do well to let him know the things that hurt you the most. 
If he cannot limit his relationship with his friends for your sake, then you need to thread with wisdom and maturity because he may as well never consider your opinions later in life. 
It's awesome that there were no secrets in your relationship and that you are free and happy with him. 
Use those privilege to express your feelings and concerns to him. 
Never you reduce yourself to competing over a man for any reason nor compare yourself with anyone. 
He should love you well enough to let go of all other ladies and be with you for life. 
If he cannot do you that favour, then he may not be the one for you. 

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