Wednesday, August 26, 2015

He Likes To Be Fingered.

Good morning aunty Amy,thanks for your good work . 
I have something that is bothering me. 
Am married with four adorable kids .My husband is a very good man,infact he is everything i want in a man. 
But recently I noticed some changes whenever am with him. He like to be touched and fingered in his butt hole and for me am not comfortable with it . 
It really freaks me out and makes me think that he may have some issues that he hasn't confronted about his sexuality. Other than that I would never say that he may have gay tendencies, but I have never heard of anyone having this tendency and I feel bad because it is something that he really wants me to do and everytime that he mentions it, I completely lose the mood because I just think it is so odd and really not normal. 
I have talked to him about it and he tells me he is not gay and that it is normal to have those feelings and that the butt hole has many sensual nerves. 
But I can't help the fact that I still feel like he may have some issues, but maybe it is me that has the issues and I am just a prude, PLEASE help dear sis and let me know if you have came across this, because I haven't until now and I indirectly asked a couple of friends of mine and they all told me that it was not normal.
Please I need your help. 

Every couple is unique in their own desires and decisions about how they choose to meet their sexual need and have a fulfilling sexual intimacy. 
What other partners do is unique to them and same as yours. 
I want to believe that you know that your room is sacred to you and your husband so my opinion on his desire may destroy your home should you swallow it without understanding and wisdom. 
From research, the buttocks has the most nerve endings in the human body, the reason is not far fetched, it's because the spinal cord terminates at the buttocks so any injury to the spine most times affects the whole system. 
On that note, your husband was right about the nerve cells in the buttocks hole. 
However, this is where you may need to educate him further on this, the bacteria, fungi, and many other living organisms present in the buttocks holes doesn't make his idea of his sexual pleasure healthy and safe for your health and that of your children because such organisms may find it's place in your nails or body which wouldn't be safe for you. 
I don't want to make assumptions and please do not accuse him of anything without any evidence, it's not unlikely that he may have been watching some pornography lately which inspired his desire to try some kinky sexual fantasies. 
Please kindly encourage him by rubbing his buttocks but let him know that you can't get into his hole. 
Do not argue with him on this but let him know what you feel about his desire but do not condemn him for feeling that way. 
Should he insist on such then you may need to get some hand gloves handy for the operation. 
The watch word here is to do anything within your capacity to accommodate him and not make him feel less of a man in your arms. 


  1. AMARA BLESSING......................You are such a BLESSING to this generation, always always on point on very issues.I thank God for your kind of person. WELL WELL DONE

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  2. Just use your fingers to massage the surface of the butt hole ehn... kpele dear, its ur own cross that you have to carry.

  3. I totally disagree with this. If you get a glove and do that which is against your believe then when tomorrow you find out that your husband is or wants to be guy please only blame yourself because believe me it is not going to end in you putting your fingers there. He is going to want something more that you cannot give him. Please do not start what you can not finish. Amara will not be there to safe your marriage when your husband starts meeting men outside or leaves you to be with a man. Stand against it. If you start it don't complain when the devil takes over from there. May GOD give you good discernment. You are his wife not a beast

    1. Yes I share same view with you. Don't allow him to bully you into doing what you are not comfortable doing. My Anus is strictly for removing waste, it is and can never be an option in my marriage abi our sexlife.

  4. He is gay, please run as fast as your legs can carry you. this is only the beginning. if you indulge,very soon, he will ask for more.

  5. This is funny, how can he ask you to rub his anus/finger it, i have the feeling that he is gay or want to be one. Why didn't he ask you to rub his dick and balls that is better more good feelings than putting your finger in a toilet, some day he will tell you the suck/lick his anus. Dear poster this is not normal don't try that with him if you do he will ask for some more or even maybe buy a vibrator and ask you to us it on him. #Ella

    1. Supported! Supported!! Please poster don't start what you cannot finish. Today it might be rubbing of the anus, trm it might be penetration! God forbid. God will give you wisdom to handle this issue because I know that the devil is really out to destrong homes and marriages, but as long as God is on the Throne, he will surely fail. Goodluck poster.

  6. Hand glove, hehehehe, wahala dey ooooo.


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