Thursday, August 20, 2015

He Said My Father Was Occultic.

Aunty Amara thank you for that write up about church.Do you know that my elder brother said my father was occultic ever since he started attending one church.
My father suffered for us cos he was a poor teacher with little salary.I couldn't imagine how my elder brother could think of such or even believed such from his pastor. They have torn our family apart with their vision.
Even his wife is not helping matters, she was playing handky panky game. It bleeds my heart to see that my father's family torn apart.My elder brother was told in church that my elder sister took his destiny,imagine that.
This my elder sister had nothing, infact,I pay one of her Children's school fee so I keep asking how can she take his destiny and still live in poverty.
I hate my brother for allowing useless pastor to come between us.My parents are poor pensioners that Imo State government are owing eleven months pension. How could my brother treat my father with such disdain? 
Do you know that he lives in owerri with his family but from January -December they won't visit home, if he wants to visit,he visits alone.
They told him that my father wanted to kill his two children,imagine that.
Ever since he had his two children,my father have not seen them.I have not also set my eyes on them too.
Last year I went to Owerri and asked my elder sister to accompany me to his house,she refused but after talking to her,she changed her mind.
We got to his gate and on sighting my sister,he queried why I never told him I was coming with a visitor.
I asked him who was the visitor,his sister(the one that took his destiny) or me? He replied my sister.
I pleaded with him to allow peace reign that we can't contiune like this but he said that if my sister entered his house that his children would die.
To cut the long story short,I joined my sister to go back without entering his house.
My heart bleeds always and keep thinking why he had allowed them to brainwash him.
Sorry for the errors cos am crying and typing. Please pray for my family.
Note-my younger brother is the one that my father has taken to his heart now and I have two brothers only.
His wife said my mother is not her mother in law.she will never stay and call my Mommy.
My Mommy was sick,stayed in Owerri at my elder sister's place for six months and my brother's wife never visited her even for once.
This was a girl we married while in school,my mother from her pension will visit her in school,buy clothes,shoes,bags for her.
Give anything to my mother,she will request for that lady's own.I am not here to praise my mother but she is pratical christian that won't want to hurt anyone.
My sister's mother in law is a torn on her flesh but my mum keep preaching to them to show them love despite whatever.
This was the type of Mother I have.The lady said the pastor's wife is her mother in law.
I told her that her children's wives must treat her with great hatred and disdain as long as she lives. 

Beloved, one can only imagine the havoc and destruction that some of the fake pastors, prophets and priests have done to many homes. 
It is only those who haven't experienced it that may not appreciate the grace and salvation of God upon their lives. 
What you described in your mail is simply a witchcraft many people engaged into "in the name of the Lord" 
This is why I will always advocate that every individual under this planet should study the word of God and have a personal and genuine relationship with God almighty. 
Please do not let anyone deceive you or manipulate you with God's word, this is because it's worse than madness and most times deliverance for such requires not only prayers but also fasting. 
If they start telling you the colour of your panties, the size of your land, the brand of your car and the names of your neighbours, please and please do thread with caution and in most cases PLEASE do seek the face of God for yourself to avoid being misled by the end time prophets of doom. 
Your salvation is your greatest inheritance and asset in God's Kingdom, please guard your heart with all diligence because you have no idea what the devil is plotting against your soul. 
Beloved daughter of zion, what your brother is going through is not normal, and whatever it was he heard from them cannot be from God. 
They have succeeded in turning his heart against his parents and siblings which was why he couldn't allow your sister or parents to see him. 
He's full of fears and is always worried about death and that made him to decide never to relate with you as family but as strangers. 

Please do not relent in praying for him and his wife. What they need mostly is prayers and nothing more. 
Do not exchange words with any of them, don't go about getting worried about your parents, simply pray for them and continue to pray for them. 
The yoke of the enemy over their life shall be broken in the name of Jesus Christ. 
Encourage everyone in your family not to give up on him. 
You see, the devil knew that he's the first son and had a lot of potentials and virtues in him and he decided to bring reproach upon your family but because we serve a Living God, because He's faithful beyond description, because He will not change in your family challenges, because His authority cannot be compared with that of any other, I am standing by you and your family and decreeing that the yoke of the wicked one over his life and destiny has already been broken down in Jesus name Amen. 

Please cheer up beloved and never you give up on God nor follow the miracle seeking members of our time. 
Seek the truth which saves, fortify your life with God's word and never you compromise in your place of prayers. 
God shall restore that which the enemy has stolen from your family, please cheer up and be hopeful. 

Rejoinders are greatly appreciated. 
Please do share your thoughts with me on the blog. 


  1. This is touching! my dear just like Amara said just pray for your brother. These fake prophets are on a mission to destroy families but us not our portion IJN

  2. Sometimes these religios fanatics are empty barrels that could be blown away,that was how my neighbour 'a pastor' told my dad that my mum's a witch and the cause of his downfall,,my dad laffed it off instead used it as gist for we his kids,he even loved my mum the more because he knew the kind of wife he married. Pls take Amara's advice

  3. Nice advise from Amara, My sister prayer is the key


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