Thursday, August 20, 2015

Herbal medicine and Your Health.

Good morning Aunty. 
I'm 21 years old, when I was growing up I normally have tooth ache, so one day when I was coming back from school it got serious and luckily I saw one Man hawking the medicine which I bought immediately.  
It was inside a small bottle and he asked me to pour the whole content in the mouth and hold on to it for like five minutes before pouring out.....
So when I got home that day, I did exactly the way I was instructed but unfortunately my mouth got burnt, unknown to me that what was inside bottle was a pure chemical. 
Please family, my problem now is that ever since then my tongue has turned to black and it could be very embarrassing. People said it can't be cured that no need seeing a Doctor, I should just take it the way it is.....
Its very embarrassing on a daily basis, Aunty is there anyway I could get rid of this? 
Sorry for my grammatical errors, I got admission lately.

Whenever I discuss with individuals who consume herbs and roots, they always defend it with everything in them that there's nothing better than herbs. 
I do not argue with anyone on that because everyone is entitled to their own opinion and convictions. 
I believe that herbs are awesome no doubt but in Africa, there's little or no research on how to safely extract these nutritious herbs, get the dosage that is healthy for an individual and test them to see its efficacy before selling it to consumers. 
This is where I have great reservations for herbs and roots industry. 
There are many mixtures and roots and herbs and concoctions which many consumers have no idea what the content are and how they respond to the vital organs of the body. 
This is at best playing with the life of individuals who for the sake of saving money which they would have used to get good medical check up have decided to consume anything all because someone said something in the bus, school or in a gathering. 
While I cannot persuade you to take the issues that concerns your health with utmost importance by consulting with your doctor when you have medical challenges, please do not consume any substances or mixture or root or herbs which you have no idea what it contains and how your vital organs responds to them. 
Most of the promises of the roots and herbs are not verifiable and most of them have no clinical research conducted to back them up. 
That it worked for miss A doesn't necessarily mean that it's the best for all Miss. 
Please do take the issue of your health care with utmost priority, this is because when an individual decides to save his money over his life, he may end up losing his own life and the money he was saving will be used to bury him. That's not wise enough if you ask me. 
I know that there are great nutritional vegetables, fruits, seed and spices and I also know that there are great herbs with elaborate research and clinical trials but all I am advocating for is Caution to minimise the dangers of consuming wrong substances that may damage the system. 

Young lady, please visit a teaching hospital or a specialist hospital and request to see mouth, nose and ear specialist doctor who will need to examine your tongue and advice you on what's best for your tongue. 
Congratulations on your admission, I pray that you shall graduate with flying colours. 

What are your experiences with herbs and roots, were they really helpful or not? 
Please do share with me. 
Thank you for your comments on the blog. 

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