Thursday, August 6, 2015

Her baby was fingered by an old neighbour

I would like this to be posted....... 
Thanks for your great help in sorting issues relating to the masses and social lifes..... 
A child of one year and seven months was brought to my hospital bleeding and when she was examined we found out that her cervix was already open..... 
When we related the information to the mother she told us that the baby was fingered by her 35 years old neighbour whom the baby normally enters his room, she said she always notice the way her baby walks and her reaction during bath... 
Not untill she saw her bleeding while coming out of the mans room...... 
When I asked her of her husband she said he base in the states and only comes visiting. 
I asked if she would like to take any measure on the man she said NO, why? 
Because my husband will get mad at me and people in the neighbourhood will get to know thereby tarnishing my baby's image. 
Dear sender, 
She made the most terrible, painful, horrifying and pathetic decision on the health and safety of an innocent girl. 
What is more important to her? 
To deny her husband of the state of his daughter's health? 
To allow a paedophile go unpunished? 
To let this young girl live with the abuse and injuries she has sustained by a wicked and hopeless man? 
Please I feel that this lady has something to do with this man which was why she have decided to shield a potential danger from others.  
I want to believe that you have every details of this lady and her child. 
If she refuses to do something very very serious about this, then she may need to cool off in the bars and help explain why her daughter at approximately two years of age was bleeding. 
Our society cannot continue to condone such a sacrilegious and extremely abhorrent attitude like that from such a neighbour. 
Let us all unite against such painful experiences our children are subjected to. 
That child deserves justice since her selfish mother feels otherwise and please do everything within your capacity to ensure that the perpetrator of this act doesn't go scot free from the law. 


  1. I concur to your advice Mrs Van-Lare. She needs to set her priorities right as a mother.

  2. My heart bleed when i read this type of post, my God continue to protect our children.

  3. I think the mother may be having secret affair with the suspect if not I see no reason why the husband will be mad at the mother rather than the suspect. So she feel unsecure to take action.


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