Friday, August 7, 2015

I'm adding like never before!

God bless you ma.
Please help me post this.
Am on implant family planning and I noticed that  am adding like never before despite the fact that i eat once in a day.
Please ma is it normal or is there any one that's better than the implant cos am thinking of removing it but its giving me concern cos i dont want to give birth again.
I look forward to get response from you and your able fans.

Dear sender, 
Just as human bodies differ from one person to another so does the effect of a particular form of family planning differ from one lady to another and it wouldn't be awesome to recommend one form when I do not have the details of your body and hormones. 
Please do well to discuss with your husband on the effects of the current option and then visit your family doctor for proper recommendations and suggestions for what's most suitable for your body. 
Some family planning options do make some ladies to add up while some pull off hairs and some makes the lady to grow beards. 
There are cases of bleeding and that of discomfort but these side effects differ from one individual to another. 
Work with what you are comfortable with and what is good for your family. 
I'm certain that your doctor will recommend what would be awesome for your comfort.

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  1. Dear poster please start exercising that will help. #Ella


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