Monday, August 3, 2015

How can I be romantic?

Aunt Amara...This ma first time of sending message to you,
I know you will help me out cause I have been reading all your response to so many question....
Please ma,how can I be romantic in a long distance relationship?????

Dear sender, 
There's no romance as powerful and more effective as communication. 
This remains your greatest weapon to draw the heart of your love close to you. It can take varying form or method but it must not be, lacking in your relationship with your partner. 
What took those close twelve hours to resolve should take you three hours or less. 
You must learn to pay attention to details and listen much more than you talk. 
Most times you may be tempted to say so much but please do not focus on talking about yourself, instead use the privilege to ask him questions that will make him talk. 
Pick up valuable points and seek for more clarifications. 
Do not choke him up by making assumptions, getting unnecessarily worried especially if there was a break in communication, be patient, ask questions about what happened, listen to all he said and pay more attention to all his attitude is saying. 
Recreate your communication in varying ways and forms as you so desire. You have tons of social media tools at your disposal, use them to express your gratitude and appreciation of his personality. 
Sweet loving messages would always ignite his heart and soul. 
Gifts can also spice up things when you plan to hang out with him depending on the distance and your plans for the date. 
There maybe times when you wish to communicate with your partner but may not have the privilege as a result of his responsibilities at that time, do not conclude that he could be with another or make assumptions that may be false. 
Always remember that a long distance relationship requires a great deal of trust and it's not for those who give up at every second that's the emotionally unstable individuals. 
You need to be open with him and be honest to him. Also the communication should be mutual and selfless and you should always encourage him with words of inspiration and appreciation. 
It doesn't matter whether he does appreciate or doesn't reciprocate, you owe yourself happiness so whenever you are communicating with him, always remember that your state of mind matters much more than what you say. 
Do not strive to impress him because it will make you feel choked or under pressure which is definitely not good for a long distance relationship. 
If it's possible once in a while, do pray together with him and study the word with him and also reevaluate your relationship so as to encourage one another to remain committed to the purpose of the relationship. 
The best way to be romantic is to be yourself and communicate your feelings effortlessly without fear or worries while committing everything to God in prayers. 
All the best. 


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  2. A nice one.


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