Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How Do I Put Off This Tap?

Good morning Aunty Amara, God bless you for the work you're doing here. I need help, but don't know how to get it. I'm a male, in my late 20's. Had my first sexual encounter early last year. Vowed it won't happen again, but it kept happening. 
I don't think straight again, looks like it's taking over my life. Want to stop, but I just can't. I've prayed, I've tried focusing on positive things, though it worked for a while, but once the urge comes it'll scatter everything, can't control it. 
Makes me do things people won't believe I did. I'm in a relationship(no sex involved), but she's not aware of this part of me. 
Most times I just feel like ending the relationship so that things will just be. I really feel for her. 
Read your article on men's annoying habits and I was really touched. 
I don't want to be a cheat in marriage, cos that's what it may turn out to be. 
Don't want to be sleeping with anything in skirt. 
Please "how do I put off this tap"?

I admire your sincerity and absolute honesty to your challenge. 
I respect your vision and desire to please God with your body. 
I understand your struggles and your worries about your new found pleasure. 
Will I judge you for tasting the pudding? Not at all dear. 
The first thing you must admit is that sex is beautiful and very tasty meal which was why God designed it for couples. 
It's an evidence that all that God made is really good and perfect for humanity. 
You need to accept your feelings and desire as normal and healthy for your body. 
I guess you may have been fighting your feelings and hormones which was why you still find yourself back to it. 
Accepting that your hormones is part of you will take the tension out of your body. 
The next thing you must not fail to do is to SURRENDER. 
Surrender your passion and hormones to the Holy Spirit to sanctify you. 
Surrender your hormones to Jesus Christ to renew your minds and understanding of sex. 
Whenever you feel the urge to have sex, remember that your hormones belong to God and you cannot abuse his property. 
Then I will help give you some information to meditate on to guide you in keeping your body for your wife. 
Every lady you sleep with is another man's wife, and that is daylight robbery. 
Every time you invest with the wrong person may destroy your destiny and hinder you from receiving the very best from God. 
Sleeping with other ladies will alter your vision and passion for your life, you will lose more money, lose your energy, lose your wife and may end up with the wrong person as your wife. 
By sleeping with another lady, you are deceiving your partner and living in bondage with the devil and indirectly pushing yourself away from the partner God has destined for your life. 
When you sleep with another lady other than your wife, you are already cheating on your wife. 
Your body belongs to your wife and your wife alone, if God designed it to be shared with other ladies, he would have said so but God's design was that you keep your body for your wife and for her alone. 
Apart from the infections and diseases that such a lifestyle may expose to you, you may end up harvesting children that you never prepared for and I'm certain that you don't wish to end up like a man blown away by the turbulence of your attitude. 
Because God desires that you refrain from every sexual immorality for your own prosperity and good, please put your boxer inside the boxers and prepare yourself for marriage where you have the liberty to explore and devour the beauty and the best of intimacy without any fear, worries and limitations with your very own wife of your heart desire. 
Always remember that keeping your body isn't a punishment but God's design to protect you from grabbing what will destroy your destiny and render your life useless and hopeless. 
If possible please do not do anything that may trigger your desire for sex like watching pyrography, romantic movies, hanging out with ladies in the dark or with nobody. 
Your partner is patiently praying and keeping her body for you, please kindly reciprocate her sincerity and commitment to you by keeping your body from contamination by strange women. 
I am praying for you that God will give you the grace and understanding to overcome this phase of your journey and prosper you with the best wife for your destiny in Jesus name Amen. 
Many great men were destroyed by sex, many rich men were made poor with sex, many talents and destinies were consumed by sex. 
Only those who can control their urge has all it takes to experience greatness and fulfilment in their life.
Be guided, be wise and be warned! 

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