Thursday, August 27, 2015

Should He Remarry?

Madam you are too much, your advice is always excellent.
May God continue to bless you. 
My problem is that the is this guy that have been disturbing me that he wants my hand marriage, but the issue I have with him is that he narrated to me how his girlfriend got pregnant an he rushed an got married to her traditionally, then after like few months, the baby became sick and was rushed to the hospital and Doctor said the baby was SS,meanwhile he is AA while the lady is AS. 
So they checked the DNA and was discovered that he was not the father of the baby.
The lady confessed that she got it from another guy. 
So he got annoyed an sent her packing for her to go back to who got her pregnant. 
This happened like five years ago. 
Now he wants to remarry, Aunty with this,  is it advisable for him to remarry? 
Please am so confused since he told me any his past. 
Please advice me as your sister. 
Thanks and may God continue to bless you.

The man has every privilege to remarry again because his previous marriage was marred by deception and many lies. 
All he needs to do is go to the family of the lady and officially demand for the dowry that he paid on the other lady. 
When he does that, he would have severed every ties between him and her family. 
You need not be afraid or worried but use this opportunity to find out more about his personality, vision, passion in life and his attitude to others. 
This is time for you to pray that God will guide you in making the right decision and give you the grace to be a blessing and favour to his life and destiny. 

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