Sunday, August 16, 2015

I Don't like the Gifts.

Hi ma'am,
May the lord bless your good works.

Please I just need an answer to this urgent question.
How do I tell my fiance that I don't like the kind of things he normally bought for me without sounding ungrateful. 
I always appreciate him when he gets me those stuffs but deep down me I don't like them.
Thank you ma.

Dear sender, 
Your question may look harmless but this is one of the attitude that make men to simply leave one lady for another partner. 
I understand that deep down you may not like his his gifts but appreciating his good intentions, time, resources and his efforts in putting smile on your face should not be in short supply. 
Even when you may not like a particular gift, appreciate that gift as though there's no other better than that and if possible, do not stop there, go back to the market and buy him those gifts you would have loved that he bought for you. 
If he bought water for you, buy sprite for him and simply celebrate him. 
Whenever you have the privilege to go shopping with him, that would be the best place to make suggestions for what you appreciate and not to make him feel like his efforts were in vain. 
Men do not joke with a grateful heart, and the more you appreciate a man for his kind gestures, the more he thinks of how to hunt down the stars for you. 
Forget about his gifts, appreciate him and whenever you can, please reciprocate by buying him some too. 
Be patient with him at least till you are married to him before making demands for what you like.
Please do leave your thoughts on the blog. 
Thank you so kindly. 

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