Sunday, August 16, 2015

She's Nice and Beautiful but

Good evening Aunty Amara. 
Please, I am a lady, and I have a very good friend, she's a girl too... Now, this girl is pretty but so many times, have been in places where people discuss her and talk about her mouth odour. 
I noticed it yea but the problem is... she takes things to heart a lot and I don't know how to tell her about it. 
Please can you share this to people in the house, I need to know how best to go about it without her seeing it as an insult and if possible, what are the things she can do to get rid of it? 
It bothers me cos she's just a nice beautiful young girl and it's mostly guys that talk about her in a mocking manner and it's just too bad. 
I can't stop being her friend cos of that. 
I just want to help her get rid of it.

Dear sender, 
It takes a beautiful heart as yours to help a lady like her overcome her challenge of mouth or body odour. 
The beauty of your intention is that you are her friend already and you have a platform to work with in assisting her. 
Get closer, know more about her personality and her passion in life. 
There is every possibility that she is aware of her challenge and may have done so much about it but unable to overcome it. 
There's a possibility that she doesn't have the funds to adequately treat herself or visit the hospital which is where your friendship with her will greatly help you to spot exactly what may be her own obstacles. 
Reassure her of your commitment to helping her become a better lady and do not use this against her tomorrow. 
She may be keeping things to herself because those she opened up to only made mockery of her. 
With your findings and her sincerity, you may then suggest either visiting the hospital or improving on her personal hygiene. 
It may be a case of changing her paste or taking more fluids or visiting the hospital for intestinal examination or that of taking care of a bad tooth. 
You may need to buy some of those depending on what she was able to tell you. 
Love and patience is all you need to help this lady find happiness and fulfilment in life. 
I pray that God will give you the wisdom and grace to guide you on how best to encourage this lady to be a better woman. 
Please do well to drop your thoughts on the blog. 
Thank you. 

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