Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I Doubt His Love!

Good day Ma.I really must confess that you've truly been and will always be a bed rock to relationships. Am thankful for all your kind words and support. May the God lord richly and continuously bless you in Jesus Name,Amen.
Ma,please I need your advice on an issue. 
I met this guy on a social media platform. We became friends. Though we've not met for the first time cos he resides in PH while I live in Lagos.
We share quite a lot in common and that is striving to be better than who we are everyday.
He is into ICT and has shared his blue prints concerning his new ICT business still in progress.
Some months back he said he will come to see me in lagos by this August, I agreed.
Now two weeks before his pre supposed coming, he said that I would spend the night with him in the hotel when he comes.
A suggestion I declined stating that I don't sleep out. 
He stopped calling for some time, after like some days of absence he told me that he is broke and thus I would be the one to pay for the hotel bills when he comes. 
Ma, am an Igbo lady and as you know we don't carry last(**lol) .
I told him that I don't have such money and besides he knows I've got a sick dad in the hospital,he said OK.
Since then ma,he seldom chats or calls me.
The trending one now is that he recently parked into a new apartment and has since been asking me to come to PH to see him.Haba such this aren't done oo.I declined. This is someone I've not seen before. 
He says he loves me but I'm truly not sure. 
I really don't want to thread on a wrong path again Ma, please what's your take in this. Thanks

Dear sender, 
He's a scam who came in the name of love to enjoy free sex services and if possible make some money from you. 
Of course you should know that love without action is dead even with his blueprints. 
Live your life like he doesn't exist, if he really loved you like he claimed, he would make out time to see you or take the risk to be with you.
That's what hunters do not the game. 
Please forget about him. 
Trust me, you need a better man. 

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