Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I Find it Difficult to Trust Someone!

Good morning ma, I hope everything is well with you and I pray for God's continuous blessings upon you and your household through Christ our Lord. 
Well, I do not know if I should consider this a problem for me but I think it is. There is this saying that goes thus: only fools fall in love. 
In actual context, this sentence is a deep one as it sometimes take one to be 'foolish' to really fall and remain in love as you have to foolishly overlook, to some extent some mistakes and things your partner does for the sake of continuity... 
I do not know if I can really really fall deeply in love; not that I have had worst relationship experience that changed my philosophy about dating. I think I am just like this. I usually have problems with trusting words, sometimes even when actions show/expresses the love, there is still always a part of me that will be withdrawn and still reason that 'it won't last' and this has made me to always reserve a greater part of my feelings/love to my self and not give my all in a relationship. 
Let's say I am so scared of giving my all and still having to experience a relationship gone down the drain... 
I am scared of loosing a relationship just as I am of losing close friends and that makes me kinda a 'lazy lover'... I don't know if you understand me ma, but I wish I can do something about this attitude. I really would love to love fully... 
Thanks MA as I anticipate your words. Sorry for the long story.

Dear sender, 
I perfectly understood what you were trying to say or not say. 
Dear, you see our mouth is our greatest weapon of mass destruction and most powerful tool of creation. 
Whatever you confess becomes automatically yours whether you knew of it or not is immaterial. 
Whatever you are afraid of is what you possess because fear has decorated your world, so you will only end up confessing your fears and receiving your confession as your own manifestations. 
Maybe you need to change what you believe in and what you always think of. 
Maybe you need to see the beauty of a loving and prosperous relationship. 
Maybe you need to believe in love foolishly and make your heart fertile for love to prosper. 
Maybe you need to readjust your mindset from what you fear most and be courageous enough to love selflessly. 
Nothing good comes without some form of sacrifices and rigorous training. 
Please do not believe the story of others and proclaim it as yours. 
That miss b had challenges in her relationship doesn't mean that you shall end up like her. 
Be fearful for nothing... If God lives then you can have a prosperous relationship. 
What you fear most, doesn't exist until we create them with our attitude. 
If you choose not to give love, how do you expect to receive commitment from him? 
I pray that God will give you a heart to believe that you can prosper in love and experience a purposeful relationship with happiness and fulfilment. 
All the best dear. 

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  1. I personally do not think you have a problem...We all have what works for us..Some people thrive by trusting others...some thrive by keeping everybody on check...It's all about what keeps you happy and healthy devoid of betrayal and heartbreaks ..
    My life became beautiful the day i stopped trusting people..I also do not crave to be trusted either...
    This has not hampered my relationship with people in anyway....i mingle and interact effectively but i always expect anything from anybody i deal with...And so doing....i hardly experience shock or heartbreak when people exhibit human nature....Its like being under a roof before the rain starts falling....
    Love and relationships have been given a wrong definition....Everything now seems adulterated...In most cases....its all about personal gains and selfish interests...And when the benefit is not reaped by one party, the so called "Love" becomes "Hate" overnight then true colours start shining...This wrong perception of love has eaten deep into the heart of the society and people keep falling for it increasingly...
    The reason why many people hardly remain the same after experiencing a heartbreak goes down to the amount of trust they put into the relationship forgetting that they're dealing with humans that could disappoint and change at any given moment...It is good to be in love...but love should in no way swallow reality...One needs to be realistic no matter the extent of love shown towards or from a partner....They say love is blind but these days....Love should not only see but have foresight...


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