Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I feel he pays more attention to others.

Aunty Amara,good afternoon! 
Been reading your blog and is like God is increasing you wisdom wise...
The reason am writing is because of the guy am seeing..
This month will make the third month of our relationship. Aunty I don't complain to him because I really want to know his kind of person so he wont pretend to be what he is not but when he annoys me,  I tell him but don't know why he calls me once a day. 
He travelled on vacation to Uk and calls me once a day. We don't talk the way i think we should. A lot of things keep running through my mind,whether he is seeing someone else or just wants to push me away I really don't know. 
I don't know how to tell him because I just believe I shouldn't beg my man to call me,I feel he pays more attention to his friends than me..
Please Aunty advice me on how to handle this. 
I really want to be matured about it and don't want to fall a victim! We haven't had sex yet! 
Thank you. 

Dear sender, 
Please keep your sex inside your body to avoid regrets later in life. 
Your relationship is just three months, too early to make assumptions, too early to offer your body and too early to expect so much from him. 
Obviously you love him but let's give him the benefit of doubt that the cost of making calls there was too expensive which made him not to reach out to you once. 
That he has been so busy that he couldn't use his handset or that he's sorting out his life and needed some space. 
Do not focus so much on him that you forget that you need no permission from anyone to be happy in life. 
Live your life to the fullest, focus on your passion and be as free as a bird ready to fly. 
If in six months time, there's no relationship between you and him, then it would be safe to say that he was just a wonderful man who never wanted a relationship with you. 
You are too beautiful to lose your identity and happiness to a man who's happy where he is at the moment. 
Thank you for your kind compliments, I am nothing but an empty vessel filled with grace. 
All the best dear. 

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