Saturday, August 15, 2015

I Felt Like Breaking Bottle on His Head.

God bless you Aunty Amara for the work you're doing here. 
Please something is bothering me. It may look funny, but it's really hurting me. I'v a girlfriend, I love her from the bottom of my heart. She is everything I want in my wife. 
My problem is my friends. Whenever I introduce her to some of my friends they'll go behind my back and be doing some funny moves, and she tells me everything. It's very annoying. It got to a point I had to call one of my friends on phone and gave him a serious warning. My annoyance is that some of my other friends still disturb her. 
I know she's that kind of Lady that whenever she passes you'd want to look at her twice, but for crying out loud these are my friends. 
On a normal day they can't approach her, whenever I do a little introduction they'd want to take over from there. The one that happened this afternoon really got to me. Honestly I felt like breaking a bottle on the guy's head. 
I keep wondering, why my friends? Is it a bad thing introducing her to them?

Dear sender, 
Please don't mind your friends, they are simply making you feel inferior because you got her before they woke up from their slumber of wishes. 
Please do remember that you are now in a relationship with a lady and limit the way you introduce her to your friends to avoid giving them the freedom to care for her on your behalf. 
Please if possible, do not introduce her to your friends and if you must, after introduction, excuse yourself from your friends and focus more on your lady. 
Two is always better and in my opinion, I feel that you may be embarrassing her in the name of introduction. 
Your friends shouldn't be your priority while you are with her, I mean not this your kind of friends.. Lol 
They look like they're bunch of players looking for another man's treasure to snatch. 
Please don't break bottle yet, but learn to celebrate your lady without making it a celebrity gossip 
Now you know how terrible third party can be especially when they have nothing helpful to offer. 
When you are alone, you may hang out with your friends but whenever you are with her please keep friends and family at bay to avoid interference. 
Congratulations for winning the treasure of your heart. 
Please take good care of her and do well to invite us when you are ready to take her to the alter. 

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