Friday, August 7, 2015

I want a daddy for my baby!

Good morning ma. It's me again, I listened to your advice to try and keep this Baby even though the father of this child wants nothing to do with me for the weirdest/unimaginable reason available, I guess I fell for an old/confused sucker. 
I let one of my chyker then that wanted to kill himself for me take the fall for another man's pregnancy , he innocently and happily accepted and rushing to marry me, while I slow him a bit, hoping...and my conscience as well. 
I decided to go for deliverance as adviced by my family members before marriage. The prophet immediately he set his eyes on me ma, asked me why were you keeping this pregnancy? 
Why do you want to settle for this life? This child and the life you want to choose will make you very miserable! 
But immediately my sister we went together with  joined us, he changed to" if this is what you want, ok i'll pray for you, but you can do better my daughter. 
Aunty my brain turned immediately. He continued" if not that I don't want to offend heaven, you should abort this pregnancy, but keep it, else if you try to abort it you will die. 
Aunty see conflicting words? He touched me, mistakenly kind of, my belle turned, my pregnancy was unsettled the rest of that day ma. 
That same night, I dreamt I had a miscarriage but I didn't tell him. The next two days, I was supposed to see him again, immediately I entered his office, ma he told me ten times to go and abort this pregnancy. I got convinced then and strengthened but afterwards, he said" i'll totally take care of you, are a beautiful girl. 
Aunty life just tired your sister. He said a couple of times, that the guy isn't my husband, another woman of God I haven't seen that my dad went to, said the same thing, that this guy wasn't my husband (but didn't see this pregnancy) that I should chill after deliverance my own husband will come. Aunty I am not desperate for marriage but I want a daddy for my baby. But with all these circumstances now I m going crazy. 
I love only this child in the whole world now, but I'm sorry I am failing her, I don't want a miserable person in the world, caused by me!
What if tomorrow I end up regretting why I still brought forth this child despite warnings? What if this guy I ended up marrying, one day finds out the child he was fighting for wasn't his? (I don't love him, he is just an Angel, I look at him most times, all I feel is pity ) I just want a great daddy for my child. I really do not care for myself no more 

Dear sender, 
The first deliverance you need is to tell that innocent man who desire to marry you the truth. 
Selfishness cannot deliver your conscience no matter how many prophets or prophesies you may receive from anyone in any guise. 
The second deliverance that you need is to accept the reality confronting you at the moment. 
You are pregnant and the baby growing in your womb is neither yours nor does your life belong to you. 
Whether you choose to keep the baby or not, whether there were prophesies or not, whether you feel happy or sad, any attempt to consciously or unconsciously terminate the pregnancy is not only a murder but also a burden to your body and soul. 
That you got pregnant for a man doesn't mean that you must get married to him. 
To father a child is one thing, to be a father of that child is another. 
Please do not in your selfish bid to tag a father to your child end up doing something that will mar the happiness and fulfilment of your child. 
It was your choice to have sex with a man,please decide in your heart to be a good mother to your daughter. 
She needs you much more than she need anyone else and until you settle that in your heart, you will always feel unsettled and afraid. 
Since you don't love the man who has proposed marriage to you, please do not hang out with him out of pity, instead be honest to yourself and tell him the truth about your feelings for him and your inner struggles. 
Your child is pleading for the privilege to experience life just as you irrespective of what you feel for her father or your mistakes in life. 
Seek the face of God and not that of prophets, pray for grace and not deliverance. 
The truth is enough to set you free if only you can abide by them. 
All the best dear 

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