Saturday, August 8, 2015

I don't Think I can Wait for Him.

Aunty Amara Good evening and God bless you for the Good work you are doing.
I always go through your response to people's problems but now it has come to my own side, please I need advice from you. 
Am 26 years and a student 400level and my friend is 37yrs from same village. We have been good friends for almost a year though he based abroad but recently he picked interest in me seeking my hands in marriage , he gave me his home address and invited me for his sister's wedding he didn't comeback for the wedding but he wanted his people to see me. 
I have visited his family, all these were to tell me how serious he was, after reading your advice about single mothers I decided to tell him the truth that am a single mother though my baby is 8 years but it happened when I was still in secondary school but surprising to me he accepted and told me nobody was above mistakes but I should be careful and never to try it again though he was coming to take me home and he told me that he loves me more because of the truth and told me that it was better as I kept the child. 
He preferred me to the virgin that had abortion many times that am a fruitful mother that nobody knows what the child would be and he told me not to tell anybody let it be a secret between both of us even his family members should not know about it. 
To be sincere I shed tears of joy, I didn't know this kind love still exist and I saw the benefit of saying truth though I was scared of losing him but God and your advice helped me to open up,  thank you ma. But Ma, my problem is 
1. Age difference. 
2. Waiting for him. He said by the grace of God he will come back by Easter next year and settle in Nigeria and pleaded with me to wait for him and always pray for him 
3. Coming back he doesn't know were and what as to the business to do in Nigeria though he's based in lagos before travelling outside.
Thanks and God bless.

Dear sender, 
If God could command a prophet to get married to a harlot, I don't see any challenge or weakness or scar that will hinder you from getting married in life. 
With God, there is no impossibility and there is nothing beyond his capacity. 
Please do learn to view yourself with God's mirror the word of God and prophesy that into your life. 
Quit believing the views and opinions of men, they neither created you nor do they know what God has in store for you. 
Many single mothers have gotten married in the past so you need not panic. 
I would encourage you to put things on the low key pending when he would have returned and you meet with him. 
Eleven years age difference isn't too much a challenge if he loves you selflessly, sincerely and compassionately. 
From August to April is roughly eight months difference so it's not too long a time to wait for him and communicate with him to learn more about his personality, vision, identity, spirituality and emotional attributes. 
Do not be in a haste to meet with him that you forget to learn more about him. 
Pray for him and use this privilege to also learn more about his family so that when he returns, you would have a better understanding of who he is, what he does and what his plans in life are. 
The capital of a man greatly influences the kind of investment to venture into. 
Let him begin by making survey of what solutions he wishes to provide and the cost of such solutions. 
With that he would know the kind of investment to go into. 
Every business is a risk and I am certain that when he is back, he would know what would favour him much more than what wouldn't be of benefit to him. 
Pray for him and equip yourself with skills and virtues that will make you stand out from the crowd. 
Do not give up on God nor look down on yourself. 
God is not done with you yet! 
Your testimony is next. 
All the best. 

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