Saturday, August 22, 2015

I'm Not Happy With Her.

Good day ma, am an ardent reader 
Regards your post on aged parent,need your advice. 
My Mother In law is diagnosed with vascular dementia, we do stay together,the issue is I so much respect her,but I overheard her telling my Sister- In -law that she does not deal with me that she deals with my husband i.e her son, since then I withdrew from her, I don't like the fact that I withdrew from her but I can't help it.  
She comes to my bedroom as she pleases. She tells other neighbour what happens between I and my husband, I still cook for her but no gisting with her.
I need your advice on this ma.
Thanks so much

If we listen to the opinions of men, how will we be a blessing to them? If we treat others the way they appreciate us, how then will we have the motivation to help them?
Always remember that no man or lady can reward you for your kindness, compassion and devotion to one another. 
No man can appreciate the value of time, sacrifice and investment that you give to anyone except God. 
And do not forget that all our services, and good deeds are unto eternal God and He's the one who will reward you for your selfless service to humanity and your mother-in-law. 
Please do not pay attention to what she said about you or whatever she does in your family. 
See this as a privilege to give love, appreciation and selfless compassion to her. Treat her with great understanding knowing her health challenges and see this as God's way of prospering you with long life and fulfilling years. 
Some times old age and sickness makes some individuals do some things which ordinarily they may not have done if they were younger. 
We all owe one another love irrespective of how they perceive us or whatever they do to frustrate our good intentions and selfless devotion. 

Thank you for your views and opinions on the blog.

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  1. dear poster, Just a little thing to add to what Mrs Amara said she is sick and with vascular dementia sometimes the thinking is impaired. if the two of you have been close and never had a problem before she became sick, then you must understand that she might not be fully aware of what she is doing. please be patient with her, and do not pay full attention to whatever she says to people. and remember a clear conscience fears no accusation. keep doing ur best for her and the blessings of the Lord which knows no bound shall be your portion.


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