Friday, August 21, 2015

Should I Inform Her?

Good day aunty Amara, may God bless you real good.
Please ma, there is this issue disturbing me which I would like you and my co-fans to solve for me.
My sister's husband do cheats on her,and go to the extent that he will bring the lady home to pass the night whenever my sister is on duty.
Sometimes he will go out late in the night and I don't think my sister is aware.
It's really pains me whenever I witness it. Please should I inform her?
Because I don't want a situation whereby she will find out herself and accuse me of not telling her since.
Please save a marriage here my people of God. Thanks

I wouldn't suggest that you tell her anything that you saw her husband do in her absence. 
Here's what I would suggest, get a good handset, snap the picture of the lady. 
Then inform your sister that should you call her on an emergency response, she should talk to nobody else but simply rush down to the house. 
It's always better when the wife captures what's going on in her home by herself to enable her decide on how best to manage it. 
Her health and safety is on the line and when a man has the guts to bring a lady to his matrimonial bed, then an unwanted pregnancy may not be far from her home. 
In any case, please thread with great caution and wisdom and do not by any means let the man know your plans to avoid accusing you falsely for trying to destroy their home which funny enough your sister may easily believe him. 

What's your take on this? 
Please do well to share your thoughts with me. 
Thank you for your comments on the blog. 

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