Friday, August 21, 2015

I'm Deeply Worried.

Dear AVL,good afternoon and thanks for your wonderful work to humanity. 
I will be 30 years come October and I met my 32 years lieutenant on this page March 22nd '14. 
We became friends for a year before he proposed June this year when I travelled to Calabar for a seminar. 
He flew down to Transcorp Hilton Hotel all the way from Niger state for this act.
Now,we have done our introduction and both wedding/traditional dates have been fixed for December then the unimaginable happened. 
He has been posted to Borno State to fight BH and my mind is not at peace. 
I have been praying,fasting et al. God has given me his words that all is well but my greatest fear is what I have been through in my past relationships. 
The moment I just say yes,either the guy walks away for no reason or some other things will happen. 
I am human and each time I recall the past,am always down in spirit. 
I don't just know what to do as am not my self here.

Every man has a ministry and a calling. For some it may be to teach others, for others it may be to act movies. 
But God in His infinite wisdom gave every man an assignment which he must accomplish on earth. 
Painful as you may feel today, your partner didn't decide to go to Borno but this decision was made by his superiors to enable them safeguard the country for your own comfort. 
He cannot help but obey his authorities and understanding the nature of his job will enable you to prepare your heart to give him the necessary inspiration and support that he needs to discharge his duties excellently. 
What he needs now isn't your worries and panic but devoted prayers, constant communication, encouraging words and selfless support for him to give his all to secure our nation. 
Please be encouraged by his commitment and sacrifices to give you comfort, safety and satisfaction and continuously pray for him. 
I understand that you feel he should be with you but please remember that God ordained him for this purpose and He will guard and protect him from the eyes of the wicked and he shall return hail and hearty to you. 
The word of God shall protect him and His angels shall guard his heart and soul as he embarks on this journey. 

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  1. God is in control nothing will happen to him.


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