Thursday, August 6, 2015

Is offering a baby for adoption a sin?

Good evening Ma...Thank you for your selfless service to humanity. 
Please Ma,I have a room mate that went to one isolated maternity home like that,which accommodates unmarried ladies with unwanted pregnancy,house them till delivery and gives their baby out for adoption. Then the lady goes back home and continues with her normal life. 
She says she doesn't commit abortion or is left with a single mother stigma and that its not a sin. My question is: is that act really not a sin?.. Are there implications in future?. 
I have tried advising her to stop that act as she has done it twice but she insists its not a sin and nobody will be hurt. 
Please Ma..what is the right thing for me to tell her as she has brought out the Bible to argue with me that its not a sin. Thank you.

Dear sender, 
You don't need to convince her with any Bible. 
You need not prove anything to her or do that which God ought to do. 
The Bible said that he who's not able to take care of his children is worst than an infidel. (1 Timothy 5vs8)
While it is better than committing abortion, unto God, she's accountable for all the children that grew up in her womb which she offered for adoption. 
She's accountable to God whether the children are with her or not. 
Because the Fruit of the Womb is His Reward, she is the only person who is responsible for the life and outcome of those children. 
Should she decide to continue with such life, let her be and pray for her. 
A time will come in her life when guilt and regrets would consume her mind and then it maybe pretty late. 
It feels good so do not prove anything else to her. 
Since she has decided to make fornication a lucrative business, and have offered her body for baby making, pray and encourage her but do not prove anything else to her. 
Time shall reveal the truth to her. 
All the best. 


  1. If it happened once, one can say it MIGHT not be a sin because adoption in a GODLY manner is far better than abortion. But a situation where it has happened once and she confidently got pregnant and want to give another child of hers out for adoption, then she's asking for what she might regret soon. If she's not ready to get married and start up a family, maybe it's time she bangs those legs of hers closed or practice safe sex (but giving herself some class will be fine so let her stop jumping from one bed to the other). She needs Jesus.

  2. Everything we do in life,is a SEED. What we should be concerned about is:
    1. What kind of SEED are we sowing?
    2. What kind of HARVEST is it bringing,and will bring?
    3. Life is an EXCHANGE - you gain to lose,and you lose to gain. What are you gaining for the things you are losing?
    4. Mostimes,you only know what you gained. But,do you also know what you have lost in exchange? Eat the 'Porridge',lose your birthright; don't deep with 'Potiphar's wife',and become the 'Prime Minister of Egypt',or sleep with her,ENJOY FOR A SEASON and remain a slave all your life? It is still the same principle. Have sex outside marriage,and deplete your life-force,and end up not amounting to much in life,or keep yourself,build up your SPIRITUAL BANK ACCOUNT, build your CHARACTER,invest your Time nd Energy and succeed beyond your wildest dreams? THE CHOICE IS YOURS!
    5. Compromise,and have your womb/loins polluted,and end up raising accursed/problem-children, or be wise,preserve yourself,protect your lineage and raise children that will give you peace,and be a blessing to the world. The choice is yours!


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  3. I think your friend may belong to a baby-factory racket - she does 'whatever she wants with her body',gets pregnant,goes to the home and delivers and THEY PAY HER OFF(buy her baby). Google/search for the Police phone numbers of your state and/or area. And,tip them off. Tell them your suspicion and the location of the Maternity Home. Let them do their investigations and shut in down.

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