Thursday, August 6, 2015

My parents wants me to get married.

Good evening ma, my name is j***, please ma post this for me, I have a guy whose name is H***, we have been dating right from the university, and we promised ourselves marriage, he graduated last year while am still in school. 
The problem now is since he graduated no job yet, everything is just rough, I really love him, but my parent wanted me to get married as soon as possible. 
I also saw reasons with them because am not getting younger (24), please ma in this case what do you advice me to do?

Dear sender, 
If you really love him as you said, you wouldn't look at his present challenges after graduation but will look forward to the future glory that comes with ensuring with the man you love in all circumstances.
He promised you marriage.. That shows purposeful relationship.. Something that most men don't do these days.
You really love him.. That shows that you appreciate his personality and you are willing to grow in love with him.
Why then will you choose to let your parents decide for you who to marry?
What excuses of your parents were really convincing enough to let go of the man you promised love and marriage?
Why do you feel that letting go of your love is really the best decision for you at this point in your life?
Life is rough and the future very much unpredictable
The man that has a job today may lose the job the next second and the same with the man who doesn't have any job.
But a man of vision will never be shaken even in a challenging times.
Take your time to decide what you really need in life and marriage.
If possible, do well not to let the opinions of your parents, friends or relatives determine who you will end up with.
Your happiness is worth every sacrifice, perseverance and patience.
Look unto God who knows much more than anyone else and who understands what you need much more than what you think or feel about today.
Who you end up with is your responsibility and not that of anyone and it has a great potential to affect your destiny and fulfilment in love and life


  1. If the love is there, it's best you support him with your prayers and you both hope on God for a better tomorrow. God will surely see you both through.

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  3. 2. It is wrong,and immature for a guy to be proposing marriage to a girl and putting a girl under undue pressure,when he does not have a job,and is not really ready for marriage. Guys'/Girls' time-tables are not the same. That has to be respected,and put into consideration. It is Work first,before Wife. Focus your energy on getting a job,while building great friendships in the process. It's not yet time for proposing marriage to any girl! ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101



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