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Men's Annoying Habits - Part 2

As promised, this  is the concluding part of the article, 'Men's Annoying Habits'.

We all have weaknesses, it’s only natural. We all have that one soft spot that goes against all the common sense, logic, and experience we have gathered. Such a weakness can get us into trouble and cause us to lose credibility and respect among friends, family, and colleagues.

There are three things that drive bad habits
-Lack of discipline

When people are caught with these annoying habits, its either they lack good upbringing, they are stressed so badly that they don’t care who is watching, or they are just too comfortable with their attitude.

Now let’s look at some of these annoying habits of men especially where it affects their partner

Sex Addiction
When your penis is making decisions

your brain should be making. Sex addiction can cloud your judgement, make you easily influenced by colleagues, and eventually burn associates who will look at your obsession with the opposite sex as a good scapegoat to screwing you over, or questioning your decision and rationale.

I once heard a story of a Nigeria Customs boss who smart clearing agents will take out and supply with as many women as possible and while he is busy with the girls and every sense of reasoning gone, the agents get the needed permission to clear their goods even without paying duties. What a shameful thing to have such a man in this very delicate position.

A good number of men lack control when it comes to sex.They can sleep with anything in skirt. You better be careful because your enemies will someday use this weakness to their advantage. When you try so much to get a man with no self-control and fail, just position a woman before him and you have what you want.

This is one of the reasons the new generation banks in Africa flood the industry with pretty ladies, they know that is the easiest way to get big business men. 

Teeth for Bottle Opener 
Sure this puts a real lady off and can make her not to agree to a second date. It is wrong to turn your teeth to a bottle opener simply because you can’t exercise a little patience. Please give yourself some respect and quit that habit, there's nothing masculine about it.

Not Wearing underwear 
I tried finding out why some guys don’t wear singlet and vests; the answer has always been, “it’s too hot”. Contrary to your belief that your underwear make you feel hot, they actually help with the sweating. Why allow sweat mess up your lovely designer wears when the cotton underwear is there to soak it up. And if I may ask; why are you so comfortable stepping out of the house without properly packing that thing dangling in between your legs? If you don't like singlets, there are vests; if you don't like the panties, there are boxer shorts.

Bad Toilet Habit
Kudos if you are one of those men who deem it right to raise the toilet seat before urinating. Some men fail to realize they share toilet with a woman whose sense of hygiene and health should be respected. Why would you have your woman use the toilet after you have made a mess of it by leaving drops of urine on the seat?

Now you have learnt to raise the seat before urination. Courtesy demands you put it down after. Make sure it is properly fixed for her use because sometimes we rush in there, pressed and ready to let it all go. 

Some don’t flush toilets after use. Please help the women in their efforts to avoid infection. Maybe you feel it’s just a liquid; it is waste and has some foul odour. Some know these things but they want the woman to do the flushing; wake up mummy's boy. You must flush and cover the WC. 

Please learn to always wash your hands and dry them properly before you leave to avoid transferring bacteria. Some people keep very beautiful towels in the restroom; this is good and it's always beautiful when you have those colours to make it more cosy. But I must tell you this; it's safer having disposable towels instead of using one over and over again. 

Night Shower
After speaking at a men's conference, I had guys get up to tell me that night bath is important to a woman. According to them, they are guys and nature hasn't left them with so much beauty problems. Like seriously? Even if you sit in an air conditioned office the whole day, your body releases natural oils and salt and you should wash them off. You don't shower at night, even after your Friday night beer and there you are complaining that your wife doesn't give you oral sex. Sir, you should bath and wash your scrotum area very well; you should brush your mouth well and if you don't react to it, wear a good body mist. In your choice of body mist, have it in mind that a good number of women love vanilla. Now you know, night bath isn't for women alone. 

It is quite sad to see that so many men are now women. I used to hear that the power of a woman is in her mouth, but these days, you even have women talk less while the guys are everywhere blabbing. One evidence of a real man is his ability to handle issues without too much stories. Men should be "coded" in the real sense of it all.

Men are now the busy bodies in town, they know what goes on in every life. They know what happens in every house and even how their friend sleeps with his wife. Do you know your problem;? Your major problem is joblessness, you have too much time on your hands. Even if you have a job, you are not making full use of your brain because if you are, you will have no time to discuss issues that have nothing to do with you. Small minds discuss people; great minds discuss issues. Guys, get busy with more important things and take your eyes off other people and their lives. However they decide to live their lives should be none of your business.

A pastor while warning the congregation about the tongue told a story of a man who travelled to the UK, made so much money that he began calling friends telling them to prepare for some good time upon his return. I don’t know how he made the money but the fact is that he never lived to enjoy it; he was killed on his way back to Nigeria.

Alcohol, Drug, and Gambling
These three things, if not checked, can turn a rich man poor overnight. If you drink alcohol, please apply self-control. When people know you lack control when it comes to alcohol, they can use it to destroy you. 

Drugs, on the other hand is destructive. This is the reason drug lords mostly don’t taste what they sell. 

I once heard about two Nigerian governors who were on drugs. These ones will be in a meeting with you and once the urge comes, they leave whatever it is they are discussing with you, go into their closet just to satisfy themselves. On coming out, everything discussed previously is forgotten. 

A girl who opened up to me on the father trying to sleep with her said, he did that after taking drugs. Friends, this habit kills. Your spouse, children, and relatives are hurting because of it. With prayer and proper counseling, you can get out of it.

Gambling is another terrible one. Men who get involved in this can trade the comfort of their home for it. Some of these men forfeit paying school fees and feeding the family just because they have to gamble. A Pilot I know is always broke because once salary is received, he goes straight to the casino to gamble and waste it on prostitutes. How do you think his wife and children feel? 

Scattering of Dirty Washing
It's like some men become gentlemen only with their tie and suit. The gentle in your man should start right from your bedroom. Save your wife the stress of trying to gather your dirty underwear and clothes from every corner of the room. There should be some orderliness in your home. If you don’t have a laundry basket, please try and get one. Let your wife know where to go for your dirty washing. Hey; washing is not for the woman alone; love her by helping her. 

Roadside Pissing 
After drinking so much alcohol, you stop by the roadside to pour it all out. This is wrong; very wrong. There are restaurants all over the place, please use the nearest one.

Busy with Phones on a Date
Men, being what they are always engage in one call or the other. It's worse in Africa where people move about with more than one phone due to the epileptic services they receive from telecommunication companies. It is time we learn how to take some time off phones. 

Before GSM, we went to church without phones, we went on dates without carrying phones. Civilization is good but it also comes with its peculiar problems. I don't care if it's a first or tenth date; I don't care if she is your wife of twenty years, when on a date, please ignore your phones for the woman you love. Some men even get off the woman during sex just to take a call; I pity the poor woman. 
Let me stop here. 


  1. Nice one but I would like to make reference to "roadside pissing" I do not totally agree with you that. persons could be so pressed that they can't wait to get home or able to locate a rest room around. And besides, it is not adviceable to withhold a piss for too long for health and comfortability sake

  2. Nice one but I would like to make reference to "roadside pissing" I do not totally agree with you that. persons could be so pressed that they can't wait to get home or able to locate a rest room around. And besides, it is not adviceable to withhold a piss for too long for health and comfortability sake

  3. nice when are we expecting that bad habits of ladies....have learnt alot in this and promise to correct my mistake

  4. Great write up.kudos to my hubby for everything written here aside the "road side pissing".like some one said earlier,sometimes you can't hold it for so long.will let him know how bad it is.thanks once again,bless you more Aunt Amara


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