Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My Dad Aborted My Baby "Update"

Do you remember the mail about abortion of a baby by her father? (Click Here)
Here's her update on her experience.

My father is a medical doctor and a Bible study teacher in the church so I never expected that all he could ever think about it. 
He conived with another doctor and asked me to come meet them at the doctor's hospital. That evening I came back from work and went there, the doctor then did a scan and told my dad that the pregnancy was 12 weeks so what could be done. And then the next thing my dad said in front of me was that he didn't come here to dialogue so the man should go ahead. 
I started telling the doctor that he can't do something like that without my consent,  as I was even talking in the consulting room, my dad slapped me so hard I fell off from the seat calling me all sorts of names, a disgrace to the family and all that. 
I even tried to run away and my dad used his slippers to hit me and warned me to keep quiet because I was screaming at the top of my voice. 
Before I knew what was happening the doctor had already inserted to begin the abortion with my dad in there saying the man should just rupture the membrane without even giving me any analgesic. 
The mistake I made was taking my dad for a saint and believing he could never hurt me. This happened on May 12 2015, till today my dad isn't even remorseful he keeps saying that if not that I got pregnant he wouldn't have done what he did with impunity. 
He even threatened to curse me if I keep insisting on being rude to him. Imagine his guts, I have been battling with him on the matter yet he gets even tougher by the day refusing to admit to his wrong and calling my boyfriend a disrespectful person for being rude to him, asking me if this was the kind of person trying to shift blames. 
I am just fed up with the situation, I feel like I am in bondage. I dont wish this for anyone not even my enemies. My dad is a proud Igbo man, I thought being a christian would even change him but not at all. 
He even wakes up in the morning and call for morning devotion, goes to church almost everyday, takes communion and even still teaches at Bible study classes,that is the most painful part. Forgiving him is difficult but the word of God has Instructed that we Forgive and that I would do. 
This cannot happen to any of my other siblings but because of my kind of person this happened. 
You would not believe that my dad even still has the effrontery to tell me that if I talk rudely to him he would beat the living daylight out of me, talking to me like am one child all because I am always the calm person in the family, taking my calmness for stupidity. 
He even said that the next time anybody will call him to talk about this matter, he will give me a mark that I will never forget in my life. 
You can just imagine the level of impunity. The funny part is that no member of my extended family who knows about the matter has even condemned him or even called me to ask how am doing, every one has just been mute. 
It's been crazy but since no one can plead my cause but God, I will leave the matter for Him in as much as the last three months have been the most traumatizing in my life. I wait on God !

Daughter of Zion, you have an advocate not only in heaven but also here on earth. Your story is one of the greatest humiliation any lady can be subjected to for whatsoever reasons. 
Confronting him by yourself may only inflict more pains on you but one thing I must not fail to assure you is that Heaven will be fair to you and reward your dad. 
Please start saving up so that you can relocate out of his sight, to avoid depression and emotional torture which may make you think of committing murder or suicide. 
You need freedom much more than anyone else. You need some space to heal and start living again. 
You need somewhere else where you can simply breath and not be reminded of the membrane of your baby that was ruptured by a man who gave birth to you. 
When I read your message earlier, I knew that your mum wasn't around which explained why he had the liberty to commit atrocious act and defend it. 
Please forgive him not because it will be easy but because God is faithful to reward him but do not hesitate to leave that house before the end of this year to enable you cool off and regain your sanity as a lady. 
Forget about all that has happened to you and look up to God who knows much more than we can possibly imagine. 
He will comfort you and grant you favour. 

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  1. Jesus Christ! Are you sure he is mentally ok? I can't imagine a father doing that to his daughter without tinking about the child's life! This is annoying. Can't you get a lawyer? Or am I over reacting? Run for your life sis.

  2. This goes a long way to show your dad was highly disappointed in you, though he over reacted.

  3. Ok fine, we see that your father is wicked, however sin begets sin so dearie, do take heed. I feel for you having read the first story and you update, as much as the man who bore you is wicked the one you are running to doesn't look any better so please quit crying over your loss, dust your burt and get up. You have yourself sinned against God and for that you need to repent and get back on track with your maker, its not time to judge your father because you will be judged too.

  4. Pls what has been done has left a mark... think of a way to leave his house, make arrangements, gather your money, help yourself, your dad has taken serious advantage of you and you've got to fight back.

  5. Pls what has been done has left a mark... think of a way to leave his house, make arrangements, gather your money, help yourself, your dad has taken serious advantage of you and you've got to fight back.


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