Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My Husband Experiences Quick Ejaculation.

Aunty,a bessed evening to you and yours.
Please,I need your opinion on this.
I got married in April,but have never enjoyed sex . 
I dont know what it means to reach the climax.
My husband doesn't last for two minutes and he has this erectile dysfunction.
Within two minutes of sex,he's tired and loses erection.
He releases sperm within those periods that even during my ovulation,it doesn't work.
Am not yet pregnant,his interest is not in pleasure,or love,but in making babies.
Have not been treated well as a wife,I use to admire newly married couples expressing love for themselves outside.
Am always happy when I mingle with friends,or stay outside and when coming back,I become unhappy.

The beauty of a lovely couple is in how much intimacy they share with each other and not necessarily on how the public admire their dress or their public affection. 
What your husband experiences may not be erectile dysfunction but quick ejaculation. 
Quick ejaculation is a situation in which a man releases sperm within the first two minutes of sexual intimacy and after which he loses erection. 
A lot of factors may make a man to experience quick ejaculation and some of them includes the following. 

Excitement : He may be to excited about the lustre of the boobs, the rhythm of the clitoris and the way that the lady moans that he loses control over when to release and when to spend more time on foreplay thereby making him to release sperm immediately he inserts his penis inside the vagina of his wife. 
In such a situation, it may take a lot of time for him to regain erection. 

High sugar level in his system : Many men who consume alcohol feel that the bitter taste means that there is little or no sugar in their system but they forgot that alcohol is a fermented sugar and the taste doesn't change the sugar content. 
A man who has a high sugar content may experience quick ejaculation because it will weaken his organ and make him unable to take control of his body. 

Infections :While many men look innocent and perfect, infections may render the penis powerless that a man may find it difficult to know how best to make love to his wife without turning it into a disaster at the end of the day. 

Masturbation :This is one addiction that is simply unhealthy for a man's organ. This is because the pressure and tension on the blood vessels of the penis and the testes makes it very difficult for the man to know when to release his sperm and when not to thereby giving him the control during love making. 

Smoking : Anything that blocks the flow of blood in a man's body has a direct and indirect way of affecting his sexual performance with his wife. This is why good love making begins with good meals and a healthy lifestyle. 

When you realise that your husband experiences quick ejaculation, there are some things you can do to help him overcome this attitude especially when it was out of excitement. 
During the time of love making, hold the shaft of the penis and simply squeeze it for few minutes, then release it, this will make him to delay ejaculation for some minutes. 
Encourage him to spend more time with romance and do well to guide him into your pleasure spots of your body. 
Let him suck your breast and be gentle on your nipple, let him kiss you on your ears and spend more time caressing your laps and your bum. 
If he must use his fingers, his nails must be cut and be clean before using them in your vulva to avoid infection. 
Guide him into your clitoris and let him gently run his fingers around the clitoris. He shouldn't be hard on the clitoris to avoid injuries on it. 
By the time he must have caressed the erotic zones of your body and slide inside of you, you two will arrive at the orgasmic world of fantasy where stars and happiness shape your world. 
It's worth every effort and support that you can give to your husband but do remember that a woman who was circumcised may never experience orgasm but she could have sexual fulfilment with her husband. 
Also do well to minimise the consumption of oil and fat and junks. 
Prepare meals that are rich in proteins and minerals and also do well to add fresh vegetables to his meal. 
Use fresh spices like white onions, ginger, garlic and moringa powder to prepare his meals (If possible, do not heat them). 
If there's no improvement after giving him some time, then you may need to consult an urologist to examine his organ and find out if there are anomalies with his organ. 
Please do not give up on him and please do well to always encourage him even when you may not be satisfied with his performance, this will only boost his sexual confidence and encourage him to give in more. 
Nobody was born with sexual prowess, it takes constant practice and the support of a woman to make a man improve on his sexual performance. 

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Rejoinder is greatly appreciated. 

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