Sunday, August 9, 2015

My Family Doesn't Like Him.

Dear I was glad when I saw this forum and it really gave me hope.
Please I need your most honest advise.
I was married at age 18 years to a 25 years old guy who was a pastor in year 2006 but the marriage wasn't fruithful cos we were childless for six years before his mum called me one day and advised me to go outside and get pregnant that her son wasn't man enough.
But cos of love and faithfulness I didn't agree to that which he later told me to do so but I refused. 
He left the house one day and never came back,calling my people to tell them that he was feed up.
I managed to rally around and pay for the rent he owed,packed out and started a new life after three years.
Now I have seen someone that loves me and values me,am even seven months pregnant for him,but my family doesn't like him.
They said he is a Yoruba while am an Igbo,that he wasn't super rich and that my mum's pastor said he wasn't the rightful one for me,that I must give birth in the house and return to my ex husband cos they refused to return his bride price instead of me to marry a Yoruba man.
Amara, I don't know what to do,cos he accepted me with love and showed me that I worth more than the humiliation I have passed through in life. 
Should I elope with him or should I be on the side of my family? 
Please help me cos my mum sent him away the day I took him to see her when I was two months pregnant and my ex has never asked of me or contacted them..Thanks and Good bless. 

Dear sender, 
I know that this must have been a difficult experience for you, getting married and having to endure the tests trials of no children and the insults that come with it. 
Nobody desire to get married and have to go through those days where relatives give you suggestions and ideas on how to conceive. 
I don't pretend that it was indeed a humiliating experience but dear beautiful, from your mail, you are still married to your pastor husband. 
If his dowry wasn't returned, he wasn't dead and he hasn't officially divorced you, you cannot elope with another man even though you are pregnant for him. 
If your husband absconded and he's tired of marriage, then encourage him to come and collect his dowry and then proceed to get your papers annulled in the court. 
Only then do you have the liberty and freedom to elope with the man who you love.
Whether he's from Yoruba or from Lebanese, all that matters is that you love him and he loves you and you two are responsible for your needs and happiness in your marriage. 
It doesn't matter who saw what or what the prophet said, if you are happy with him, you only need to let your parents and relatives know your stand . 
But for now, please get your acts right before thinking of remarrying again. 
I wish you safe delivery and good health. 
All the best dear. 

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