Monday, August 3, 2015

My sister in-law is jealous.

Good morning ma'am Avl, please I need your advice ma'am. 
How can I handle a jealous sister In law? 
Despite my kindness towards her she preferred my husband's brother's wife to me just because my mother In law showed me so much love. 
The problem now is that she has tried her best in bringing gaps and hatred between my husband's siblings and mother. 
It's  really giving me tough time and I am so bothered. I told my husband about it he said she was like that and that she was the jealous type.
I don't care if she is jealous or not but why would she be so wicked by turning my loved ones against me. 
Sorry for the long write up. 
N:B: She is married but one way or the other not in her husband's house.

Dear sender, 
I understood how you felt about her attitude towards you and the steps you have taken to address the issue. 
Just like your husband said, this may have been her attitude before you came and it is not strange to anyone else in your husband's house. 
You need to be emotionally stable and smart to enable you succeed in your marriage. 
Reacting negatively to your sister in law would negatively affect your relationship with your husband and all his relatives. 
If you can which I believe is possible, please do not invest so much of your energy tracking her attitude and reactions to you. 
Live with love and understanding and do not border what she's doing or not saying. 
Be focused on doing what is good irrespective of who's observing or not. 
You would win the battle when you don't wear her attitude in your skin or take things personal with her. 
To all your in-laws you owe them respect and courtesy and to your husband, your love, devotion and time. 
Always pray for her and shower her with much love even with her weaknesses. 
Do not be deterred by her attitude, mothers shower much love to their children who have some challenges not because she hates others but because she desires to see her child as happy and healthy as others. 
Be positive, be focused and be yourself, these are the dynamics that marriage brings and all you need is wisdom and Grace to prosper in the midst of turbulent times. 
All the best dear. 

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