Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tempted to sleep outside.

Good morning ma, please am about to break my wedding vow at altar. 
Am a newly married man and my wife will be eight months pregnant in August. 
Since the day she took in, she has been denying me sex and says it would be after her delivery, that is when next she wants to concieve, but I heard from people saying that man fluid is good for pregnant women. Am so much confused now also the urge is too much on me, and am tempted to do it outside.

Dear sender, 
The vows that you exchanged with your wife was made in the presence of God Almighty who you are accountable to irrespective of your reasons or the attitude of your wife. 
You should always remember that there's no substitute for fidelity and faithfulness in your marriage. 
The loss is much more than your head can contain. 
Some marriages became a mirage as a result of one night stand. 
I feel your pains and I sincerely understand your difficulties but looking outside will never bring solutions to your challenge nor will it make your wife understand your agony. 
Sperm is good for your baby just as well as your wife but more importantly is that you desire to see your baby alive and well when your wife put to bed. 
What you need to do is go for an antenatal care and see a gynaecologist with your wife to advise you and your wife on how to enjoy your intimacy at this period of your marriage. 
All your wife needs is orientation about sex during pregnancy and all that you need to do is support her and be considerate even when her views may not be good for you at the moment. 
A pregnant woman worries much more about the health of her baby than the sexual fulfilment of her husband. 
Give her the support that she needs, you may engage on light romance and cuddling and be patient with her, I assure you that she won't run away after delivery but will be there to feed your lips, soul and body. 
All the best dear and I pray for the safe delivery of your wife.  


  1. Lol bros, its not easy but just manage. Some women are too scared to even try having sex while pregnant while others can't stay a day without it even when 9months pregnant, be happy with your lot.

  2. Take it easy dear. Some women lost their sex drive once they conceive, whilst other want it as much as they can get. Pls go talk to her Dr. I'm sure she will be more convinced that is safe and allow you in.


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